Kelly Brook’s Ass In Tights Proves Allah Exists

Kelly Brook

Just look at model/whore Kelly Brook’s ass in those black tights. Allah truly is great!

Heathens in the Western world believe that man evolved from apes. While I’ll admit that is probably true for most races it is definitely not true for Muslims and some kuffars like Kelly Brook.

Kelly Brook’s ass was obviously formed by Allah himself, because it is to perfect to happen by chance. Yes there is definitely an intelligent design behind Kelly Brook’s behind, and that intelligence is of course the one and only Allah.

Praise be to Allah, for providing us with Kelly Brook’s ass. It is truly a holy sight to behold, that only proper Muslims should be allowed to look upon. All you filthy kuffars avert your eyes from the pictures below, or face the wrath of Islam for we have claimed Kelly Brook’s butt for our own. Allahu Akbar!


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