Justin Bieber Torments 3 Year Old Girl

Justin Bieber 3 year old

Wow this is a new low for he/she pop singer Justin Bieber. In the video below a poor 3 year old girl is so tormented by the fact that the media has brainwashed her into loving Justin Bieber that she can not stop crying.

I feel for the kid. Imagine having your innocence stolen from you as you are forced to feel affection for some impish songstress with questionable vocal abilities. I know I would be hysterical as well.

Justin Bieber must be stopped. She is tormenting and traumatizing our nation’s youth with her prepubescent R&B ballads. Here is the video proof of what a scourge Justin Bieber is. A 3 year old in tears because she loves Justin Bieber. How sad is that. Click the image below to watch.