Justin Bieber Caught On Video Cheating With Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Justin Bieber

It looks like we have ourselves a Hollywood lesboqueer love triangle, as pop diva Justin Bieber was caught cheating with Taylor Swift in the video below.

Justin Bieber is supposed to be in a monogamous lesbian relationship with Taylor Swift’s best friend Selena Gomez. However, as you can see in the shocking video below of Taylor Swift air humping the back of Justin Bieber’s head while listening to Ellen Degeneres’ comedy album, these 2 dykes are clearly engaged in a secret sexual love affair.

Taylor Swift Justin Bieber cheating

The fact that Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are scissoring vaginas behind Selena Gomez’s back is deplorable and the ultimate betrayal. One can only hope that in the future Selena finds someone more appreciative to share the other end of her double-sided dildo.