Jessica Alba Spreads Her Legs Contemplates Her Life

Jessica Alba

Once again Jessica Alba was photographed spreading her filthy whore legs, but this time the look on her face finally conveys a tinge of guilt for her immoral behavior. Could it be that a Hollywood harlot like Jessica Alba is beginning to grow weary of prostituting her body for money and fame?

As you can see in the photos below Jessica Alba is up to her old tricks taking pictures with her legs spread, bra showing, and sans a burka. However, the look in her eyes is unmistakable. Jessica is obviously contemplating her life choices and going through some sort of existential crisis.

As a Muslim I do not find this shocking at all. Frankly I believe most kuffars probably question their heathen devil worshiping ways at least once. However, their brains are already too drug addled to realize that the way to salvation is through Allah and Islam.

Let us hope that Jessica Alba sees the light and embraces Allah as her lord and master, before her momentary glimpse of mental clarity vanishes. Jessica Alba close your legs and wear the burka it is the only way! Allahu Akbar!


Jessica Alba Jessica Alba Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba Jessica Alba