Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Ass in See Through Leggings

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Desperate for attention Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off her dumpy ass in some see through leggings.

Jennifer, let me just say that your whole I’m a cute little girlie girl thing doesn’t work anymore. What are you damn near 40 now? Grow the hell up, your only coming off as sad and pathetic.

But I’m not here just to knock you down JLH. I believe in you! I think you can whip that doughy body of yours back in shape and give us the hardcore nude scene we deserve. Think of it as your last hurrah.

We’ve put up with your “I’m innocent I can’t do nudity” act for years now while you’ve run around Hollywood getting nailed by any semi famous d-bag that would take you (John Mayer, Carson Daily, and Jamie Kennedy). You owe us some quality nudity. Have some pride and do the right thing.


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