Emma Watson Shows Her Thighs To The Paparazzi

Emma Watson

Emma Watson you little tramp! How dare you flash your bare legs and upper thighs to the paparazzi.

I’ll have you know Ms Watson that some paparazzi are good Allah fearing Muslims with a harem of wives who they tolerate very much. They don’t need your unwanted sexual advances to cloud their pure minds. Allah help me if any of those fine men were thrown into a sexual frenzy from seeing your thighs and forced to go off and cheat on their wives with numerous women then I will see to it that the clerics hold you personally responsible and that you are taken out back of the Mosque and horse whipped.

Here is the photographic evidence of Emma Watson trying to corrupt the hard working pious paparazzi with her tight milky white thighs.


Emma Watson Emma Watson
Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson