Emma Watson Is A Naughty Secretary

Emma Watson naughty secretary

With her acting career floundering Emma Watson has been forced to look for a new job, so she recently signed on to work at a temp agency.

Of course Emma Watson’s skill set of fellatio, promoting Satanism through the glorification of witchcraft, and semi-proficient in Microsoft Office limits her employment opportunities. However, the agency was still able to place Emma in a job as a secretary at a small office outside of LA.

Unfortunately Emma made quite a scene the first day when she showed up for work and inquired who was in charge of “casting”. When the business owner responded that he was in charge, she climbed on his desk and shouted “let’s do this”. After the males (and a few of the females) in the office had a go with Emma, she was sent home with a half-days pay.

All in all Emma Watson rated her first experience in the real world as favorable, and confided to her friends that she thinks she “got the part”.