Celebrity Sex Faces

Celebrity Sex Faces

One of the perks of being a celebrity is that you get to f*ck pretty much anything you want. Animal, vegetable, mineral, it is all game. So naturally with all that f**king going on celebrities have developed distinct “sex faces”.

We’ve been lucky enough to capture a few on camera, as well as some interesting sexual facts about some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Enjoy!

Mandy Moore sex face

Name: Mandy Moore
Interesting Sex Fact: Mandy is so uptight in bed that she has yet to achieve orgasm with a man. Horses on the other hand are a different story.

Cameron Diaz sex face

Name: Cameron Diaz
Interesting Sex Fact: Cameron enjoys babbling on about her day during sex.

George Clooney sex face

Name: George Clooney
Interesting Sex Fact: Farts loudly during sex then pulls the cover over his partners head.

Anne Hathaway sex face

Name: Anne Hathaway
Interesting Sex Fact: Farts loudly during sex then pulls the covers over her own head.

Gisele Bünchen sex face

Name: Gisele Bünchen
Interesting Sex Fact: Gisele favorite sexual move is called “The Dicaprio”… don’t tell Tom.

Amy Winehouse sex face

Name: Amy Winehouse
Interesting Sex Fact: Amy can only achieve orgasm after a vigorous session of anal fisting.

Kristen Stewart sex face

Name: Kristen Stewart
Interesting Sex Fact: During sex Kristen Stewart’s lower lip bites her.

Tiger Woods sex face

Name: Tiger Woods
Interesting Sex Fact: Tiger Woods likes sex… a lot!

Kristen Bell sex face

Name: Kristen Bell
Interesting Sex Fact: Kristen Bell can shoot a ping pong ball 50 feet out of her vah jay-jay

Robert Pattinson sex face

Name: Robert Pattinson
Interesting Sex Fact: Robert’s pubic hair is longer than his penis.

Taylor Lautner sex face

Name: Taylor Lautner
Interesting Sex Fact: Taylor has only 1 testicle, and it is small and misshapen.

Katy Perry sex face

Name: Katy Perry
Interesting Sex Fact: Katy tossed a girl’s salad… she didn’t like it.

Heidi Montag sex face

Name: Heidi Montag
Interesting Sex Fact: Heidi cries during sex, and that just makes Spencer want to f*ck her harder.

Kate Gosselin sex face

Name: Kate Gosselin
Interesting Sex Fact: Kate feels no sensation in her vaginal region anymore.

Justin Timberlake sex face

Name: Justin Timberlake
Interesting Sex Fact: Justin greatly enjoys anal. Receiving not giving.

Miley Cyrus sex face

Name: Miley Cyrus
Interesting Sex Fact: Miley is a screamer. Her dad had to sound proof their house.