Ashley Benson Shows Her Nipples As A Brunette

Ashley Benson nipples

“Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson shows off her sinfully pink nipples in the photos below from the new issue of Flaunt magazine.

Of course we have seen Ashley Benson’s tit toppers a couple of times in the past when she had sickeningly immodest blonde hair, but this is the first time we are seeing them now that she has slightly more pious brunette locks. No doubt Ashley dyed her hair brown in an effort to please us Muslim men in the hopes of one day being lucky enough to breed with us, but unfortunately for her she clearly still has not learned to cover up her sinful milk sacks.

If Ashley ever wants to fulfill her ultimate fantasy of having a virile masculine Muslim warrior rub his coarse musty beard over her soft supple boobies then she must learn to keep them hidden away (preferably by taping down her titties with duct tape and placing them behind a thick black wool burka). Unless Ashley figures this out soon the only thing us Muslims are going to slide up her breastal valley and set off on her face is a pipe bomb.


Ashley Benson Ashley Benson Ashley Benson
Ashley Benson Ashley Benson Ashley Benson