Anne Hathaway Naked Pictures

Anne Hathaway

Porn star Anne Hathaway has a new snuff film coming out (which I didn’t bother looking up the name of) co-staring closeted homosexual Jake Gyllenhaal.

Since neither of these “actors” could possibly have any attraction towards the other, the producers of this film used the old Hollywood trick of including gratuitous nudity to make up for the lack of sexual chemistry, and boy did it work!

I mean just look at these naked pictures of Anne Hathaway. Her and Jake obviously want to have sex with each other because they are naked, and that is what naked people do. So what if you can see Jake Gyllenhaal’s homosexual dick is limp in the last picture. It is probably just limp from wanting to barf in Anne Hathaway’s lady parts so bad.

Yes these naked pictures of Anne Hathaway from her new movie prove that she is sexual dynamite on the big screen, and that Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely not gay because he wants to sex her vagina with his penis.


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