Anna Kendrick’s Cleavage Upstaged By Bella Thorne & Lia Marie Johnson’s Big Boobs

Anna Kendrick cleavage

Relatively demure star (by heathen Hollywood standards) Anna Kendrick put herself out on a limb by sharing the cleavage filled selfie above. Unfortunately for Anna her brief moment in the slutty sun was quickly overshadowed by seasoned social media attention whores Lia Marie Johnson and Bella Thorne showing off their big teen boobs.

Lia Marie Johnson

In the depraved infidel world there are few things more captivating then the sight of massive perky teen titties like Lia Marie Johnson is flaunting in an extremely tight top in the photo above. Add to that the suggestive little school girl skirt and choker, and even us pious Muslims can see the appeal of this photo as Lia plays at being a nubile sex slave.

Of course never one to be left out of the online whoring action, Bella Thorne also shared a couple of photos of her bulbous 18-year-old breasts in a tight top in the photos below.

Bella Thorne

Bella also appealed to us Muslims, causing a stirring in our righteous loins with that bloody gash on her head. In fact, my tunic snake is rigid as we speak at the thought of the handle of a Muslim’s scimitar cracking open Bella’s skull for her brazen immorality.

To get a better look at the erotic gaping wound on Bella’s forehead scientists at Celeb Jihad Labs in Riyadh put the photo through an x-ray machine. Sadly it did nothing to enhance the laceration and only exposed Bella’s sinful hard nipples further.

Bella Thorne