Anastasia Ashley And JoJo’s Nude Snapchat Photos Leaked

Anastasia Ashley JoJo Snapchat

Professional surfer and model Anastasia Ashley along with former child pop star and actress JoJo just had their private nude Snapchat photos leaked online.

Anastasia Ashley nude

First up we have Anastasia Ashley showing off her bare baby box while claiming that she misses me in the photo above. Of course I am not at all flattered that Anastasia is longing for me in this Snapchat photo, for I have clearly never even met her before, because if I had she would have known that she should be showing me her world famous tight bulbous ass and not her busted up lady loins in this pic.

JoJo nude

Next up we have JoJo laying in bed completely naked in this Snapchat selfie. Unfortunately for JoJo this pictures is 11 years too late to deserve a return shot of my enormous Muslim meat scud. For JoJo was not only in her prime professionally back in 2004 (when she became the youngest solo artist to have a number-one single in the United States) but she was also at the height of her sexual attractiveness (especially when she wore necklaces advertising her jailbait status)