15 More Little Known Facts About Gary Busey

gary busey

Gary Busey is the most interesting man in the world. But unlike the guy from the Dos Equis ad campaign, Gary Busey does not drink beer. He only drinks the wine that he distills from orange peels and motor oil in his bath tub.
Before he had a life-altering epiphany, Gary Busey killed an endangered African Elephant with a broken Orangina bottle because he wanted to make a tie rack and a shoe horn out of its tusks (he has since donated them to charity).
Growing up in the mountains in Honduras, Gary Busey’s parents had to hire personal security. The 60’s were a crazy time.
Sorry to disappoint, but the story about Busey saving those twin babies and their paraplegic Saint Bernard from that gas leak explosion isn’t entirely true. The dog actually had partial mobility in its back legs.
Gary Busey had a dream about the invasion of Grenada two years before it happened. No one listened.
Gary Busey has a vastly superior sense of vision due to years of honing his expert falconry skills.
Gary Busey’s favorite memory was being born> It was really intense.
Gary Busey has an immense hatred towards Lance Armstrong for no particular reason.
For the last 32 years Gary Busey has worked hard to build an immunity to VX nerve gas.
Gary Busey’s most embarrassing memory was when in high school he was visiting the San Diego Zoo and he tripped on the escalator right near the pterodactyl cages.
Gary Busey makes all of his own clothes out of recycled helicopter parts.
The concept of “Falcor” from “The Never Ending Story” was born from one of Gary Busey’s sketches.
One time in Nepal Gary Busey fashioned a barricade from logs, stones and banana leaves and saved a village from a mudslide.
Gary Busey sleeps with a sniper rifle and a copy of “Horton Hears A Who” under his bed.
Gary Busey always carries a photo of Cap’n Crunch in his wallet.

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