Keanu Reeves Is Immortal

By now those of you who read this site know that all celebrities are involved in the dark arts, and are most likely reptilian creatures who have taken human form to control our minds and sell magazines. That much is obvious. However, I just uncovered some startling new information! It appears that these satanic shape ..

Christopher Walken And Cartman Cover Lady Gaga Poker Face

The amazingly talented Christopher Walken recently performed a cover of the Lady Gaga hit “Poker Face”. Obviously because it is Christopher Walken his rendition of the song is a million times better than the original by Lady Gaga. Not to be outdone Eric Cartman from the Comedy Central show “South Park” also covered Lady Gaga’s ..

Video of Jessica Alba Getting Her Ass Spanked

We mentioned last week that Jessica Alba gets her bare ass spanked in a scene in her new movie “The Killer Inside Me”. Well we have now received the video of this glorious scene. I don’t know what is more gratifying, finally seeing Jessica Alba’s ass, or the fact that someone is beating her. I ..

Joanna Krupa’s Tickle Porn Video

Joanna Krupa loves a good laugh, which is important now that everyone will be laughing at her. Apparently she’s been whoring herself out for some disgusting, low budget exploitation flicks. But enough about Dancing with the Stars! She’s also done Tickle Porn! Apparently, some guys get their kicks by watching two hot girls tickle each ..

Twilight Nip Slip Deleted Scene Video

In a recently released deleted scene from the original Twilight movie, there is a very provocative nip slip that went unnoticed by the director. In the video below you may be able to catch Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) nipple. If you watch closely you can see Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) stunned reaction to the glorious sight. No ..

Kristen Stewart Bites Her Lower Lip A Lot Video

Kristen Stewart the star of the upcoming movie “Twilight New Moon” is a brilliant actress. As the video below shows Kristen isn’t afraid to totally put herself into a role by constantly doing her annoying tick of licking then biting her lower lip. Rumor has it that in one intense scene in “Twilight New Moon” ..

Miley Cyrus Acts Like A Slut During Her Concert Video

Well Miley Cyrus certainly knows how to put on a show. Celeb Jihad has obtained video taken during one of Miley’s concerts in Las Vegas. As you can see for yourself in the video below, Miley is really starting to let her freak flag fly. She shows a lot of skin in a tight leather ..

Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart, and Kari Ann Peniche’s Sex Tape Leaked

The latest celebrity sex tape features Grey’s Anatomy’s Eric Dane, his wife Noxzema girl Rebecca Gayheart, and former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche. Unfortunately, this “sex tape” doesn’t contain any, you know, sex. It’s just a disappointing video of three high, naked people hanging out around a hot tub. Eric doesn’t even Noxzema Rebecca’s ..

Lady Gaga Is A Man

Lady Gaga clearly had something dangling between her legs at the Glastonbury festival in England. I may be wrong but it sure as hell looks like it was a penis to me. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone. Lady Gaga is definitely ugly enough to be a tranny, and from the lyrics ..