Selena Gomez Bikini Pictures Set A Bad Example

Oh my God I can not believe Selena Gomez did this! I know she works for Disney so she is contractually obligated to prostitute herself, but this is just taking it too far. Selena Gomez was photographed almost naked in a tiny light blue bikini. Have you ever seen anything so risque? Look how Selena ..

Selena Gomez And Leighton Meester Are Dating

Is there anything more beautiful then hot young lesbians finding love between each others taut nubile thighs? Yes, me masturbating quietly in the corner while hot young lesbians find love between each others thighs. Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester are almost certainly dating. Look at the picture above of the two love birds holding hands ..

Selena Gomez Blows John Corbett Video

Does Selena Gomez have no shame? Apparently not! In the video below Selena Gomez, the 17 year old Disney star and notorious floozy, blows her costar 65 year old John Corbett on the set of their new movie. The video starts with Selena Gomez babbling about something I didn’t pay attention to. Then at the ..

Selena Gomez Wants To Come Out As A Gay

We have been saying it for a while now. Selena Gomez is probably a lesbian, and now it seems as though she is setting the stage for her big “coming out party”. In a recent interview Selena Gomez was asked about dating in Hollywood. She had this response, My ideal would be to not be ..

Selena Gomez Arrested in Arizona, Deported

Pop sensation Selena Gomez was arrested in Arizona and has been deported, the associated press is reporting. The move comes just days after the state’s tough new immigration law came into effect. According to a local official who wished to remain anonymous, Selena raised the suspicion of an Arizona State Trooper when she was spotted ..

Selena Gomez Quits Show Biz To Become A Welder

Good news! Selena Gomez has decided to quit exploiting children to push consumer products and low grade Disney entertainment. Selena has come to the realization that “entertainers” are nothing but parasites on society put in place to appeal to the mass’s base desires, and use their influence to sell products people neither need or in ..

Selena Gomez Role Models A See Through Shirt

Selena Gomez fulfills her Disney contract by continuing her campaign to corrupt the world’s youth. Just look at Selena waltzing through an airport in a see through shirt. I doubt she was even stopped and given a rectal exam like I am when I fly, and I wear a bulky overcoat and a turban. Tell ..

Selena Gomez Baby Bump?

Is Selena Gomez pregnant? While we can’t be certain, this picture from the set of her new movie, I’ll Spit On Your Corpse While I Piss On Your Grave IV, seems to show a noticeable baby bump. Has Selena been running around with a man behind her girlfriend Taylor Swift‘s back, or have the two ..

Selena Gomez Reunited With Long Lost Twin Sister

Selena Gomez has been reunited with her long lost twin sister Morteous Gomez, who she has not seen since she was an infant. When Selena and Morteous’ parents, poor Peruvian banana farmers Jose and Maria Gomez, had the girls they were shocked when the village doctor told them that they were identical in every way ..

Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift Are Lesbian Lovers

Well these pictures pretty much prove it. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are definitely lesbians, and they are definitely dating each other. We told you in the past that Selena Gomez was a lesbian. We told you that Taylor Swift was a lesbian. We even told you that Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift may be ..

Selena Gomez Shows Her Cleavage

Selena Gomez and her boobs posed with this doofus to raise awareness about Selena’s rack. An often overlooked part of Selena’s soon to be legal teenage body, her breasts have a coming out party of sorts in this candid shot. Obviously her boobs are no longer willing to play second fiddle to her face and ..

Selena Gomez Causes Lesbian Mob At The Mall

Ever since we broke the story that Selena Gomez is a lesbian, teenage girls all over the country have been converting to the “dyke side”. This wave of newly transformed lesbians descended upon a mall were Selena Gomez was doing a Q&A (and probably some light fingering) for a radio station. As soon as the ..