Emma Watson Closes Eyes For Naked Pic

Emma Watson posed naked with her eyes closed in the picture above. Perhaps Emma Watson had to close her eyes because she is finally feeling shame in prostituting her nude form. However, it is much more likely that stripping has become such a second nature to Emma that she can now even do it in ..

Emma Watson Shows Off Her Sweaty Tits

After a vigorous session of scissoring, actress Emma Watson posed for this sweaty topless pic for the cover of what I can only assume will be some sort of lesboqueer workout DVD. Of all the fad celebrity workouts, Emma Watson’s “Extreme Lesbian Sex Romps” is the most offensive to Islam, barely edging out Suzanne Somers’ ..

Yet Another Katy Perry Topless Pic

Pop star Katy Perry is reportedly dumping her foppish limp-wristed limey husband Russell Brand, and to celebrate she appears to have posed topless in the photo above. Katy Perry flaunting her pert breasts like this is a clear sign that she is ready to serve as a faithful concubine to a virile Muslim man. After ..

Naked Victoria Justice Shows Off Her Xmas Present

In the photo above teen actress and wanton Jezebel Victoria Justice appears to pose naked with her Christmas present, a sturdy 7 inch veiny dildo made from the finest silicone rubber. Victoria Justice appears to be quite pleased to be adding such a well constructed dildo to her considerable sex toy arsenal. There is little ..

Hayden Panettiere Showing Off Her Naked Butt?

Is this a picture of cheerleader actress and converted Muslim Hayden Panettiere showing off her bare hindquarters? It certainly looks that way! As a Muslim Hayden Panettiere clearly had a moral and just reason for exposing her naked ass and vag like this. Based on the fine upholstery of the couch she is posing on, ..

Katy Perry Fanciful Nude Photo

Pop star and quirky whore Katy Perry appears naked in the sickening photo above. Katy Perry is well known for prostituting her body in fanciful settings like the one pictured above. Perhaps Katy thinks that if she surrounds her self with a bunch of random brightly colored things, her brazen acts of sluttery will be ..

Kristen Stewart Naked Pic?

Is this a picture of Twilight star and plain Jane actress Kristen Stewart naked? If it is they certainly airbrushed the hell out of her because I do not see a single cutting scar or self-inflicted cigarette burn on her entire body. Of course Kristen Stewart is no stranger to underwhelming nudity. She famously exposed ..

Scarlett Johansson Artsy Nude Black & White Pic

It isn’t hard to get celebrities like Scarlett Johansson to pose naked for a photo, just tell them that it is going to be art and in black & white, and they will eagerly strip naked for the camera. That is why this artsy black & white photo of what appears to be Scarlett Johansson ..

Katy Perry Topless Xmas Pic

As if us pious Muslims needed another reason to despise the Christmas holiday, it appears as though Katy Perry is celebrating the birth of the Jew God Jesus by showing her offensive tits in the playful nude photo above. We have already seen equally slutty Christmas displays from the likes of Selena Gomez and Victoria ..

Emma Watson On The Cover Of Vagina Magazine

Actress Emma Watson has just received the tremendous honor of landing the cover of the new issue of “Vagina Magazine”. As you can see in the photo above Emma Watson couldn’t be happier being naked on the cover, kicking her legs up in celebration of her triumph while runner-up Dan Aykroyd looks on dejected. Being ..

Hayden Panettiere Poses For Nude Photo?

Did actress and converted Muslim Hayden Panettiere pose naked in the photo above? It certainly appears that way! Hayden Panettiere clearly did not take this naked picture for fame or money like a typical heathen Westerner. Instead her intentions are obviously noble and pure in that she hopes to use this picture to attract a ..

Lindsay Lohan Tanning Topless Pic

Before Lindsay Lohan bares her breasts in Playboy magazine next month, she appears to have unleashed them at what looks like a public pool. Kudos to Lindsay Lohan for making the sound economic decision and sunning her breasts in public like this. If there is one thing us Muslims can not stand it is women ..