Chaz Bono Topless Is The Epitome Of Feminine Beauty

Chaz Bono Topless Is The Epitome Of Feminine Beauty

No my brothers the topless woman before you is not a vision of the pagan Greek goddess Aphrodite, but rather Cher’s exquisitely beautiful daughter Chaz Bono. Has a woman ever better embodied the Muslim aesthetic than Chaz Bono? From her facial hair and surgically removed titties to her wide powerful frame, Chaz Bono represents everything ..

NAACP Announces Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Movie

NAACP Announces Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Movie

The NAACP has announced that they have begun production on a Trayvon Martin movie starring Chaz Bono as George Zimmerman and Jaden Smith as Trayvon Martin. The story will center around 7-year-old Travyon Martin walking to an orphanage to drop off skittles and iced tea for the children after choir practice. When Trayvon stops to ..

Video: Shia LaBeouf Gets Beat Up By Chaz Bono

Actor Shia LaBeouf messed with the wrong woman last night, when he and Islamic sex symbol Chaz Bono got into a fight outside a bar. The fight started when Chaz Bono confronted Shia LaBeouf about his shitty movies, demanding her ticket money back for “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. Shia, who ..

Chaz Bono Sexy Topless Pic

Muslim sex symbol Chaz Bono, who had the good sense to have her shameful boobs cut off so as not to offend the Muslim aesthetic with her shameful feminine curves, was caught flaunting her gorgeous mutilated titties in the photo above. Unfortunately Chaz appears to be greatly lacking in the sexy chest hair department. However, ..

Chaz Bono Is A Sex Symbol In The Muslim World

As a red-blooded Muslim man I can not help but think that Chaz Bono is one of the sexiest women alive, and I’m not alone. Chaz has taken the Muslim world by storm, capturing the hearts (and lustful desires) of Muslim men from Damascus to Tikrit with her erotic facial hair and robust frame. What ..

Sonny’s Boner For Daughter Chastity

In a moving display of maternal support Cher has donated the preserved penis of ex-husband Sonny Bono to daughter / son (whatever!) Chastity, to be used in her upcoming female to male sexual reassignment surgery. At a press conference in Los Angeles this morning Cher revealed “After the skiing accident I had Sonny’s remains preserved ..

Chaz Bono: “I Love Dick!”

According to the state of California, cutting off your tits and having your clit shaped into a penis can grant you rights to marry the same sex. Chastity Bono, a.k.a Chaz, has just completed the necessary steps to legally marry a girl. When asked what the benefits were of being a male, Chaz quickly shouted “Pistol ..