Star Wars vs. Harry Potter: Nude Battle

Star Wars Harry Potter

The biggest nerd fantasy franchises in the infidel West are certainly Star Wars and Harry Potter. The mouth breathing basement dwellers who obsess over these blasphemous and generally crappy stories are often at odds with one another over which one is better, and which imaginary characters would win in various scenarios.

Star Wars Harry Potter nude

Of course these limp-dick, obese, pockmarked, Mountain Dew guzzling, basement dwelling freaks never consider the most important question of all, which is of course which story’s women are the biggest whores who are most deserving of being lapidated by us all powerful Muslims… Until now!

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman Star Wars nude

First up for team Star Wars we have Natalie Portman who played Padm√© Amidala, a Princess who would constantly get Jedis’ man sabers stuck up her “Naboo”.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Harry Potter nude

Leading the way for team Harry Potter is Emma Watson who played the witch Hermione Granger… A character who not only had numerous meat wands “expelliarmus” their ball juice inside of her “cave of secrets”, but who also greatly offended us Muslims with her sass-mouth attitude.

Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridleyn Star Wars nude

Next up for team Star Wars is Daisy Ridley who stars as the spunky Jedi orphan whore Rey in the new Star Wars series. Of course in the movies Daisy’s character is less interested in lightsabers, and more interested in getting her hands on some big black cock so that she can use “the force” to fit it up her tight little anal hole.

Bonnie Wright

Bonnie Wright Harry Potter nude

Finally for team Harry Potter we have Bonnie Wright who portrayed the character Ginny Weasley. While Bonnie’s character didn’t do anything particularly depraved in the Harry Potter movies, she is a redhead which means that it is safe to assume that her fire crotch was in a constant state of arousal and is no stranger to the business end of a broomstick.

Team Star Wars

Star Wars nude

As you could see from these nude photos a strong case can be made for stoning Star Wars whores Natalie Portman and Daisy Ridley first, for there is no denying that they are intergalactic degenerate hussies.

Team Harry Potter

Harry Potter nude

Although with their promotion of the practicing of witchcraft, devil worship, and (worst of all) female literacy, Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright definitely deserve to be put down as well.

Really there is no clear “winner” in this Star Wars vs. Harry Potter nude battle. Thankfully there is no shortage of stones which we can use to unleash Sharia justice upon all four of these fantasy film floozies.