Ariel Winter Christmas Ass Flashing

Ariel Winter ass thong

18-year-old “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter celebrates Christmas by doing the same thing that she does the other 364 days of the year, as she prostitutes her fat ass in a thong bikini in the photo above and then again in a slutty Santa’s Little Helper outfit in the photo below.

Ariel Winter Christmas

Actually nothing better represents the birth of the Jew God Jesus then a pudgy whore like Ariel Winter airing out her flabby booty meat in front of a camera like this, for Jesus’ own mother Mary was a degenerate skank who gave birth to him in a barn out of wedlock (no one is buying that whole “immaculate conception” story).

With a leader of such weak moral fortitude when it comes to denouncing the base nature of women, is it any wonder that Christians are so emasculated and such hopelessly depraved degenerates? You better believe that if the blessed Prophet Muhammad had been born a bastard in a manger he’d have stoned his own mother with his blocks. That is why as his righteous followers if we saw Ariel trying this ass flashing on Muhammad’s birthday we would douse her chunky cheeks in gasoline and light them up like a Christmas tree.