Ariel Winter Caught Sexually Abusing A Dog

“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter was caught on camera sexually abusing a dog by twerking her enormous ass and jiggling her gigantic jugs over its head in the disturbing video above.

It certainly takes a sickeningly depraved mind to sexualize an animal like a dog, as Ariel Winter is doing in this video. Especially considering there are so many more attractive animals like sheep, camels, and of course the always erotic goats. Not only that but this dog appears to be dead, no doubt succumbing to the noxious fumes emanating from Ariel’s festering diseased lady holes.

Ariel Winter topless bath

Unfortunately Ariel Winter did not stop there as the bitch is clearly in heat, and she jumped in a bathtub to take the barely covered topless selfie above while pretending to be a dog herself.

Ariel Winter nip slip

Yes there is no denying that Ariel Winter is one deranged furry floozy. And to top it all off this rabid slut also exposes a bit of her teat in the selfie above.