April Bowlby Hottest Moments Compilation Video

April Bowlby hot

The video below features the ultimate compilation of “Two and a Half Men” star April Bowlby’s hottest moments from the show.

April was cast to play a dumb slut named “Kandi” on the series, and clearly it was the role that she was born to play. Of course before she could get her “big break”, April no doubt had to perform a private “audition” for Charlie “AIDS” Sheen…

April Bowlby sexy

Trading her T-cells for a role bouncing her tits around on a hit network TV series is a deal any struggling up-and-coming actress would gladly take, and April Bowlby certainly has no regrets. Unfortunately for her, divine retribution is just around the corner in the form of a mild cold that will surely lead to severe pneumonia and then an eternity of burning in the Hellfire.