Alexis Ren Covered Topless Rooftop Pics

Alexis Ren topless

Alexis Ren covers her new fake boobies while tanning topless on a rooftop in the photos below.

These Alexis Ren photos are certainly revealing, but not just because she is showing off her recently inflated tit sacks and world famous tight round ass… For Alexis’ reveals even more about her mental state in these photos, as us pious Muslims see an empty shell of a woman who yearns for the sweet release of death to save her from her meaningless existence.


Alexis Ren Alexis Ren Alexis Ren
Alexis Ren Alexis Ren Alexis Ren

Yes while the brain dead degenerate infidels would look at these Alexis Ren photos and see her nearly exposed breasts, taut abs, and plump little butt cheeks, the righteous eyes of a Muslim see an unfulfilled and extremely unhappy woman with a severe eating disorder.

Alexis Ren bulimic

The calluses on Alexis’ knuckles are what are known as “Russell’s signs”, and are the result of “repeated self-induced vomiting over long periods of time“. Of course we have no sympathy for bulimics for they are too lazy and wasteful to be anorexics.

However, it certainly speaks volumes about the West that this famous heathen sex symbol who is always smiling while shaking her booty in front of exquisite views no doubt smells like stomach bile, and is so neurotic about her appearance that she may one day soon choose to prance her ass right off the top of a building.