Anna Kendrick’s Cleavage Upstaged By Bella Thorne & Lia Marie Johnson’s Big Boobs

Anna Kendrick’s Cleavage Upstaged By Bella Thorne & Lia Marie Johnson’s Big Boobs

Relatively demure star (by heathen Hollywood standards) Anna Kendrick put herself out on a limb by sharing the cleavage filled selfie above. Unfortunately for Anna her brief moment in the slutty sun was quickly overshadowed by seasoned social media attention whores Lia Marie Johnson and Bella Thorne showing off their big teen boobs. In the ..

Nude Photos Of Jodie Foster At 18-Years-Old Leaked

Nude Photos Of Jodie Foster At 18-Years-Old Leaked

These nude photos from 1980 of an 18-year-old Jodie Foster have just leaked online. Reportedly Jodie Foster’s mother took these naked pictures of her daughter to show Hollywood producers how “grown up” Jodie had become since she played a prostitute at the age of 12 in the hit Martin Scorsese film “Taxi Driver”. Of course ..

Taylor Momsen Puts On Teen Sex Show

“Gossip Girl” star, singer, and 17-year-old slut Taylor Momsen is performing her teen sex show in Europe this summer. As you can in the pictures below Taylor Momsen flashes her underage breasts and ass to the crowds in the vain hope of distracting them from her horrible music. While Taylor Momsen obviously has some lucrative ..

Victoria Justice Shows Her Teen Ass In Leather

Newly 18 year old actress Victoria Justice set up a photo op with paparazzi in an alley behind a Denny’s on La Brea last night. Because like most actresses Victoria Justice understands that to stay relevant she is going to have to prostitute herself in pictures to create a “buzz” around her (fake) name. As ..

Lady Gaga Was A Rebellious Teen

Before Lady Gaga became the professional musician that is loved the world over, she was quite the little hellcat teenager causing her parents all sorts of grief with her outrageous outfits as is evident by the picture of a teen Gaga above. Look how she flaunts that ridiculous pink dress. Frankly she looks like a ..

Justin Bieber’s Gross “Finger Sniffing” Habit

Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber won’t stop sniffing her fingers. According to a source close to the star, Bieber is constantly smelling her fingers throughout the day for no apparent reason. When confronted about the disgusting behavior, Bieber will get defensive and claim that she is simply making the “peace” sign. If pushed on the ..