Taylor Swift’s lesbian model girlfriend Karlie Kloss poses both topless and bottomless in this behind the scenes video from a Vogue magazine photo shoot.

It is easy to see from this nude video why Taylor finds Karlie Kloss so attractive, for with a rock hard body like that Karlie must be able to really work her strap-on hard and deep into Taylor’s eager little lady holes.

Yes, the sex between Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift must be quite passionate and intense, even though when these gangly lesbodykes start going at it, it must look like a giraffe wrestling an ostrich. Clearly in that scenario Karlie is the dominate giraffe and Taylor is the more submissive feminine ostrich spending countless hours laying between Karlie’s long legs pleasing her woman by pecking at her chiseled rock hard clit.

Taylor Swift swimsuit

Taylor Swift shows off her engorged vaginal mound in a swimsuit while vacationing in Maui with a gaggle of her lesbian friends.

As you can see in the photos below, Taylor Swift’s lady bits are certainly swollen from over use as they bulge out the bottom of her swimsuit. Clearly Taylor and her friends have been going at it vigorously over the past few days and she should think about taking it easy, but as we know that is not likely to happen as Taylor’s appetite for sinful lesboqueer love making is insatiable.

Yes Taylor Swift’s puffy pussy is going to have to be put on ice for a week when she gets back from this trip. Though before it is, perhaps Calvin Klein will hire Taylor to be a stand-in for Justin Bieber’s next advertisement. Her package is certainly much more impressive.


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Taylor Swift bikini legs

Taylor Swift’s long legs go to battle with Jessica Alba’s thigh gap on social media, as both women post bikini photos for attention.

As you can see in the photo above, Taylor Swift puts her legs on full display while wearing an extremely skimpy (by her standards) bikini on a lesbo booze cruise. No doubt after this photo was taken Taylor’s legs spent the majority of their time below deck wrapped around those c*nt-hungry lesboqueers’ heads.

Jessica Alba bikini thigh gap

In contrast to Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba appears to be whoring in a bikini purely for profit, as she has given up on acting for the more lucrative role of being a corporate shill. For as you can see in Jessica’s bikini photo above, there is a well placed bottle of water right next to her as she flaunts her tight ass and thigh gap.

This water company should really rethink their marketing strategy, for when people see a Mexican whore like Jessica Alba they do not equate it with delicious drinking water, in fact it is just the opposite. Plus this subtle advertising would have been much more effective if they would have thrown Jessica a few more pesos to have her stuff the bottle up her cooze with just the label peaking out between her legs.

Taylor Swift dildo

Taylor Swift shows off her favorite dildo, which she nicknamed “Papa Smurf”, while naked in a bathtub in the shocking photo above.

Of course what is surprising about this nude Taylor Swift picture is not that she is showing off her gaping orifices, but rather that her dildo is not black. One would have expected Taylor to enjoy imagining a big black dick inside of her (like most Western women) while she pounds her sin holes with her various Victoria’s Secret model lesbodyke friends.

Yes this dildo photo just goes to show that Taylor Swift’s sexual proclivities are still largely a mystery. However, it is still for certain that Taylor is a hopelessly depraved whore in desperate need of a righteous lapidation… and that “Avatar” is probably her favorite movie.

Taylor Swift see through

A new version of a photo of Taylor Swift in a tight see through t-shirt while not wearing a bra has just been released online.

As you can see in the photo above, Taylor Swift brazenly flaunts her hard nipple while declaring her love for “LA” better known as “Lesbian Anal”. Of course Taylor’s aroused areola in this t-shirt is a shameless indication that she is in the mood for some hardcore girl-on-girl butt blasting.

No doubt that shortly after this photo was taken Taylor retreated to her hotel room with a tight Victoria’s Secret model with an adventurous streak and daddy issues. Taylor then whipped out her 15-inch double-sided dildo, and the girls proceeded to lube it up by deep throating the ends, before they went ass-to-ass and slowly worked it into their hot little backholes while they squealed and moaned like a sow in labor… Yes this Taylor Swift see through pic is quite revealing in more than one sense of the word.

It is that magical time of the year again, were Christians celebrate the birth of their hippie Jew God Jesus by exchanging shoddily made in China consumer products.

To counteract this shameful consumerist aspect of the holiday, below are the top 10 photos of celebrities truly exemplifying the Christmas spirit of giving by whoring their bodies in slutty Santa outfits.

#10 Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Santa outfit

Ariana forget her Santa hat, but she remembered her giant phallic symbol candy cane while in her red sequin slut suit.

#9 Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron Santa outfit

Disney star Dove Cameron may have just turned 18, but her clothes are already falling off of her nubile body. No doubt this Christmas strumpet parks herself right under the mistletoe.

#8 Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice Santa outfit

Nothing says Christmas quite like black leather hooker boots and candy cane striped booty shorts, as Victoria Justice opens her mouth wide and signals that she wants one naughty elf for each side of her, for a sex position known as a “Santa’s sleigh”.

#7 Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner Santa outfit

Of course as a member of the vile gypsy scum Kardashian clan, Kendall Jenner celebrates Kwanza instead of Christmas. Though that won’t stop Kendall from gifting this slutty Santa lingerie outfit to her father, transsexual Olympian Bruce Jenner.

#6 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Santa outfit

Taylor Swift was extra good this year, so that Santa would bring her what she really wants… more Victoria’s Secret model pussy to munch on.

#5 Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Santa outfit

“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” star Mary Elizabeth Winstead shows off her long legs in this extremely short Santa dress. It is just too bad there wasn’t a pious Muslim around when this photo was taken, for he would have shoved that giant candy cane right up Mary’s chimney… curved side first.

#4 Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Santa outfit

Selena Gomez also shows off her legs while in a short Santa dress. However, Selena does it while singing “Feliz Navidad” before starting her donkey show in Tijuana.

#3 Maitland Ward

Maitland Ward Santa outfit

Former “Boy Meets World” and current professional attention whore, Maitland Ward shows off her hard nipples and ample cleavage in this chilly Santa outfit.

#2 Katy Perry

Katy Perry Santa outfit

Katy Perry shows off her Xmas ass or “Xmass” in this upskirt slutty Santa outfit.

#1 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Santa outfit

It should come as no surprise that this photo of Miley Cyrus in a Xmas red leotard twerking her ass on a crackhead Santa would be our #1 photo. For no one is more full of the Christmas spirit then Miley, as she has her stocking stuffed, halls decked, bells jingled, and chimney plugged with nutmeg all year long.