An exclusive first look at a screen test from Disney’s new “Star Wars” movie has just leaked to the Web!

As you can see in the video above, the scene features Natalie Portman’s character Queen Amidala getting her box eaten by Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

This will certainly be an important scene in the new Star Wars film as Natalie Portman cumming in Obi-Wan’s mouth will cause a great disturbance in the force, and totally piss off Darth Vader leading him further down the path to the dark side.

Plus Disney will make a fortune selling Queen Amidala dolls with pliable legs and real squirting action.

Victoria Justice Star Wars

Nickelodeon star and sex toy enthusiast Victoria Justice continues to add to her extensive dildo collection, with the impressive Star Wars light saber dildo above.

Hopefully the force is with Victoria as she shoves this long Star Wars dildo deep and hard into her gaping teen orifices.

There appears to be no limit to the phallic objects Victoria Justice will put inside her. Truly she is one depraved infidel slut.

2pac hologram Star Wars

The Internet was abuzz yesterday after this video surfaced of deceased rapper Tupac Shakur’s hologram performing at the Coachella music festival, and Hollywood was quick to take notice.

Well more specifically George Lucas took notice, and in an effort to squeeze every last penny out of the Star Wars franchise announced that Tupac’s hologram will have a starring role in his latest re-release of “Return of The Jedi”.

As you can see in the photo above, Tupac’s hologram will be playing itself in the film, and is expected to have significant screen time while getting in a shoot out with Obi-Wan’s “old cracka ass” before smoking a blunt with Yoda.

Even Star Wars purists can not deny that this will greatly improve upon the original movie.

Darth Vader

A few months ago we uncovered a lost scene from the movie “Star Wars” in which Princess Leia fetches Luke a beer. Now we have once again uncovered a lost scene from the original “Star Wars” movie, that like the first lost scene, does much to redeem the film in the eyes of Allah.

As every proper Muslim knows, the problem with Star Wars was that Princess Leia had a nasty case of sass mouth. One can only take so much female back talk in a movie before he bitch-slaps his TV into oblivion just to shut her up.

However, in the lost deleted scene shown below the problem of Princess Leia incessantly flapping her man-pleaser was solved by Darth Vader when he fingers her slutty little mouth. Truly a great and important scene that should of been kept in the original picture!

Darth Vader

Star Wars deleted scene

As everyone already knows the “Star Wars” movies were analogies for the righteous Muslim struggle against the evil Jewish empire. Hell even Darth Vader became a major mouth breather and probably sucked at sports once he joined the “dark side” (aka became a Jew).

The one thing that always bothered me about the Star Wars movies was the Princess Leia character. Talk about a mouthy female! I always wished they would have cut all her lines and put her in a burka. Her flirtation with Hans Solo would of been just as good through the fluttering of her eyes, and maybe a soft giggle.

Needless to say I was very pleased to uncover this lost scene from the original Star Wars movie in which Princess Leia fetches Luke a beer. This is an important scene that really adds another dimension to the characters. Mainly Leia as a subservient woman and Luke as a normal man.

Star Wars deleted scene

It is just unfortunate that Luke did not climb down and give Leia a “that a girl” smack on the ass. However, I guess with CGI they can always add that in later.