Victoria Justice bottle

Teen Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice poses with her prize bottle of semen in the disgusting photo above.

One can only assume that it took Victoria Justice all of one weekend to collect this semen in her various orifices from her numerous male suitors. Of course one Muslim man could have provided her much more in a single load, but we would never honor Victoria with our holy Muslim seed.

What Victoria Justice plans to do with this spunk is anyone’s guess, but knowing what we do about Victoria Justice’s sentimental nature, she is probably saving it to be drunk on a special occasion (perhaps a birthday or ladies’ night with co-star Ariana Grande).

Scarlett Johansson autograph

Scarlett Johansson was caught off guard when she was asked to autograph a picture of her face that had been covered in semen.

Ever the professional though, Scarlett quickly regained her composure and licked the photograph clean to the delight of her fans.

What a down to earth harlot Scarlett Johansson is! To think that she would take the time to swallow a fan’s cum like this, shows why so many infidels feel they can relate to her.

Despite all her fame Scarlett Johansson really has stayed grounded and remains a “whore next door” type.