Taylor Swift nude

Taylor Swift shows off a tit, her bare ass, and her famous long legs in this dirty nude photo.

As you can see this Taylor Swift naked pic is filthy in every sense of the word. For not only are the edges covered in black grime, but the sight of Taylor’s shameful nude female body soils the photo even further.

Yes much like Taylor Swift herself this nude photo is complete trash and should be doused in battery acid, so that it can no longer offend our holy Muslim sensibilities. Inshallah, one day soon we live in a world in which women like Taylor Swift will no longer prostitute their sinful smooth bare feminine flesh. However, until that day comes we must remain vigilant and keep our Toyota trucks and camel satchels well stocked with plenty of rocks and cups of acid to continue fighting the good fight against blasphemous female sexual expression.

Lake Bell

Actress Lake Bell, star of such TV shows and movies as “Boston Legal”, “How to Make It in America”, and “What Happens in Vegas”, just had the topless cell phone picture above leaked online.

The good news for Lake Bell is that she will no longer have to suffer the humility of continuing her long and only somewhat successful career in heathen Hollywood, as her breasts appear to be of the proper size and shape for wet nurse and tit sex only concubine duties for us Muslim men.

What a blessing in disguise this leaked topless cell phone pic will turn out to be for Lake Bell. Even though she has basically posed topless in the past (see the photo below), it was for “New York Magazine” a known Zionist rag that could not be trusted. This leaked candid topless pic opens up a whole new door of opportunity for Lake, and she will no doubt want to board the next flight to Riyadh, so that she can be auctioned off and start her new righteous life serving a Muslim man right away.

Lake Bell

Mila Kunis naked

Mila Kunis poses naked down by a river in the disturbing photo above.

How dare Mila Kunis pollute this river water with her filthy nude body. Not only are the fish in the river going to suffer from nasty bouts of gonorrhea, but anyone unlucky enough to drink this water is likely to come down with a case of Ashton Kutcheritis (a disease for which there is no known cure).

With this naked photo Mila Kunis has shown her complete lack of regard for both the EPA Clean Water Act and Sharia law. Coincidentally the punishment for violating both in this manner is a flogging with stiff Nile reeds, and a $250 fine. Let us pray that Mila is brought to justice soon.

Jennifer Lawrence topless

The photo above is reportedly the latest Jennifer Lawrence topless photo to leak online.

This photo appears to be the uncensored version of a Jennifer Lawrence picture that was released earlier in the week. At the rate we are going it is safe to assume that these Jennifer Lawrence pictures are going to be slowly leaking out for the next 10 to 12 years.

Of course Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photo leaks are the perfect example of what happens when a woman is left to her own devices, and does not follow the righteous path of serving at the heel of a powerful Muslim man. I personally have 7 wives and not one of them have either the time or inclination to photograph their nude bodies as they are all too busy digging wells, plowing the fields, and birthing future jihadists… sometimes all at the same time.

Update: Jennifer Lawrence had her lawyer remove this picture. Luckily the Internet is filled with photos of Jennifer Lawrence’s sinful titties, so we were easily able to replace it with the photo above. In fact, after doing a Google image search it is clear that once Islam finally conquers the Internet and establishes online Sharia law it will take the mujahideen many long and hard hours to destroy all the Jennifer Lawrence nudes that are available on these heathen sites.

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan is an English actress and a attention whore who “accidentally” had the epic topless photo below leaked online.

Michelle was Instagraming photos while in the bathtub when she posted and then immediately removed the topless one below. Luckily the Iranian Intelligence Services uses sophisticated bots to archive every Instagram picture busty women like Michelle Keegan post (for research purposes), and the photo was saved for posterity.

Michelle Keegan topless

What makes this Michelle Keegan topless photo “epic” is that she appears to be one of the few infidel women with tits that are halal. For not only are Michelle’s breasts an adequate size, but their shape and nipples are almost perfectly symmetrical.

Of course the only thing Michelle Keegan’s boobs are missing is a nice patch of dark pubic hair between them, and covering her pink areola. However, that will grow in when she is finally purchased by a Muslim man, and she starts eating table scraps and sleeping out in the barn.

Maria Sharapova topless

Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova poses completely topless in the photo above.

With the French Open underway in Paris, Maria Sharapova is obviously looking to get an edge on her lesbodyke competitors by getting in their heads by having them lusting to get between her legs with this topless photo. Her breast strategy appears to already be working as earlier today Sharapova easily advanced while her longtime rivals, the she-beast Williams sisters, were shockingly eliminated.

Yes the path is now clear for Maria Sharapova to win her second French Open thanks to her perky tits. With all of her opponents dripping wet and c*nt hungry for Maria’s sin slit they will be far too distracted to put up much of a fight, and Maria will easily coast to victory.