Megan Fox sex snapchat

Megan Fox appears to take a selfie on Snapchat while having sex out on her patio in the photo above.

Leave it to a shameless self-obsessed celebrity whore like Megan Fox to take photos of herself on a cell phone while getting railed out in the open like this. No doubt Megan was applying filters to the picture and then thinking up a caption and hashtags, while her pathetic infidel husband desperately tried to get his puny rocks off by furiously thrusting his tiny penis inside Megan’s cavernous lady cave.

These Western sluts sharing their sex pics on Snapchat and other perverted mobile apps is the result of the West’s ridiculous promotion of feminine sexuality. There is nothing more dangerous to a society (and nauseating to us pious Muslims) then immodest women like Megan Fox who take pride in showing off their blasphemous nude bodies while expressing their sinful sexual desires. Thankfully Muslim women know that cell phones are for reporting troop movements and detonating IEDs, and are not for sharing naked pictures.

Megan Fox naked

Megan Fox lays on the floor and contorts her naked body while performing the blasphemous Hindu practice of yoga in the photo above.

Yoga is offensive to us pious Muslims, as women wearing extremely tight pants while twisting their supple bodies into Satanic shapes goes against everything Islam stands for. The fact that Megan Fox appears to be doing yoga in the nude in this photo just goes to show the level of depravity that yoga promotes by encouraging women to become connected with their sinful bodies.

The only way a woman needs to know how to do bend is at the waist for scrubbing the floors and getting taken by her Muslim master from behind. Thankfully Islam will soon conquer the West, and every Lululemon yoga pant will be doused in gasoline and burned… with the owners still in them.

The video above features a compilation of all of Megan Fox’s hottest moments from her illustrious career in heathen Hollywood. Not surprisingly Megan is not speaking in pretty much all of them, so it is safe to unmute the sound.

As you can see in this video, Megan Fox is one the finest actresses of her generation, as her portrayal of a talentless whore who only made it big by sucking off producer Michael Bay while sticking one her freakish toe thumbs up his ass is unrivaled.

Truly Megan Fox is an inspiration to all aspiring actresses as she has shown that with some perseverance, a complete lack of morals, and a few thousand dollars in plastic surgery anyone can become a star adored by millions of brainless infidels no matter how vapid and devoid of talent they may be.

Megan Fox Cosmo

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Megan Fox has resurrected her career with a starring role in a new movie, and is now starting her campaign to reclaim her place as the sexiest woman in the (Western) world with these photos below from the new issue of Cosmo.

We thought we had heard the last from Megan Fox when her acting career fizzled out a couple of years ago, and she started shitting out kids for that rapping Jew from 90210. However, like a case of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea Megan Fox has proven difficult to expunge from the loins of pop culture.

For despite being a vapid whore with absolutely no acting talent Megan Fox is again starring in a soon to be hit summer blockbuster (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”), and appearing on the cover of Cosmo magazine. Which just goes to show you that in heathen Hollywood your career is never over as long as you have a good plastic surgeon, and are sucking producer Michael Bay’s c*ck.


Megan Fox Megan Fox
Megan Fox Megan Fox Megan Fox

Megan Fox

As you can see in the photos below, Megan Fox’s body still looks tight while in yoga pants even after having recently squirted out two kids.

This is surprising considering Megan Fox is an infidel and most heathen women use child birth as an excuse to become bloated monstrosities who drive their fat asses and hideous children around in oversized SUVs.

Of course nearly all Muslim women have tighter bodies just days after giving birth. Maybe it is the fact that our women eat such good foods (often the scraps from their husbands’ plates), or the fact that they resume their field work almost immediately after giving birth (my third wife plowed nearly a hectare of land while in labor).

Regardless the reason the point is that even though Megan Fox is looking fit in these photos, by our superior Muslim standards she is still a disgusting pig.


Megan Fox Megan Fox Megan Fox
Megan Fox Megan Fox Megan Fox
Megan Fox Megan Fox Megan Fox

Megan Fox topless

Megan Fox cools off in the ocean while completely topless in the shocking photo above.

How dare Megan Fox pollute the ocean with her sinful titties like this. People worry about minor things like radiation from Japan’s Fukushima reactors, islands of garbage floating in the Pacific, or the toxic chemicals used to break down the oil from the BP Gulf disaster; yet fail to see that the real danger to our oceans’ ecosystem are dijinns from the sex organs of Hollywood sluts like Megan Fox.

With Los Angeles being right on the coast, think of all the Hollywood whores like Megan Fox who go in the ocean and soak their disgusting lady bits. Is it any wonder that fish caught in these oceans taste so fishy? Coincidence? I think not!