Ariana Grande swallow

It looks as though Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande is showing just how much she enjoys swallowing a steamy load of man milk in the photo above.

Of course gobbling down spunk is the national pastime in the US of A (and only slightly gayer than baseball), as American women and men (especially the men) enjoy nothing more than to suck down as much hot ball juice as they can.

Yes Ariana Grande is proving that she is a real all-American girl by lapping up some semen in the photo above. Now if it belonged to a black guy, and she washed it down with some crystal meth she’d probably be crowned Ms America.

Miranda Cosgrove facial

Nickelodeon star Miranada Cosgrove appears to have proudly tweeted this cum shot facial picture.

Posting these sorts of cum shot facial pics on social media is a growing trend among the youth in the degenerate infidel West, as each tries to one up the other by posting the biggest thickest load dripping down their face.

Of course a whore like Miranda Cosgrove would be at the forefront of this trend, as she is a role model to millions of young girls. Unfortunately Miranda is setting a horrible example as this load is pathetically small. If Miranda wants to do this right she needs a facial from a Muslim’s meat hose. It will make her look like she just defeated the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man at the end of Ghostbusters.

Jennifer Lawrence facial

It appears as though after getting her worn out lady holes pounded Jennifer Lawrence likes the guy to finish on her face.

The fact that Jennifer Lawrence likes facials after sex should come as no surprise, because to make it as an actress in heathen Hollywood one must enjoy all manner of degradation.

Of course us pious Muslim men only fornicate with women reluctantly for the sole purpose of procreation, so we always finish inside the vagina. Besides if we were to give a woman like Jennifer Lawrence a facial she’d almost certainly drown from the vast stream of potent man seed we’d shoot forth.

Kristen Stewart facial

The above photo was reportedly taken from Kristen Stewart’s cell phone, and appears to show the “Twilight” star getting the business end of a facial.

Based on the piddly amount and watery texture of the ejaculate the pathetically tiny penis pressed against Kristen Stewart’s cheek almost certainly belongs to a Zionist movie producer. Obviously Kristen Stewart is auditioning for yet another leading lady role in which her patented expressionless underbite acting style will once again captivate the infidel movie going audiences.

If only Kristen Stewart had as much passion for acting as she does for facials her films would be semi-watchable.

Hayden Panettiere facial

Hayden Panettiere proudly shows off her cum covered face in the photo above.

As a converted Muslimina, there is nothing Hayden Panettiere enjoys more than when us virile Muslim men shoot our extremely potent and pungent man juice on her face.

Of course it would be blasphemy for Hayden Panettiere to waste a drop of our holy Muslim spunk, so after enjoying her hot man milk facial she meticulously scrapes the curdled goo into her eager little mouth. Which not only provides Hayden with an undoubtedly delicious meal, but also with her recommended daily allowance of protein for the next week.

Teen Mom Farrah Sex

Education officials in the US have just announced that the Teen Mom Farrah sex tape is going to be used in all high school sex ed classes.

With no end in sight to the epidemic of unwed teen mothers in America, sexual education teachers hope that the Farrah sex tape video below will help illustrate to teens the importance of anal and pulling out and finishing on a girl’s face.

As you can see in the video below, there is no better role model than Teen Mom Farrah Abraham to show these youngsters how to take it up the ass, and a big load to the face.

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