Emma Stone

As a redhead, actress Emma Stone is more susceptible then most women to a lustful djinn infection, so it should come as no surprise to see that in the compilation video below she has taken part in many graphic hardcore sex scenes throughout her acting career.

Yes the root cause of Emma Stone’s slutty behavior can be found in her immodestly colored ginger hair, but the cure for her whorish affliction lies much further south. For it is clear from this sex scene compilation video that Emma Stone is in desperate need of a circumcision of her sin bean to keep her carnal urges from becoming unmanagable.

Once Emma Stone’s clit is ground down into a nub of desensitized scar tissue and she is given a good hard lashing you can bet your last dinar that she will walk the righteous path, and that Emma Stone sex filled video compilations like the one above will (thankfully) be a thing of the past.

Emma Stone boobs face

In the GIF above you can actually see the moment in which actress Emma Stone becomes a lesbian, as a busty woman’s bare breasts get pressed against her face.

There is nothing more offensive to Allah then women engaged in passionate lesboqueer love making. Just the thought of Emma Stone’s tongue working its way around this woman’s nipples as her hand slowly slides down her stomach and begins massaging her moist lady cave makes us true Muslims rigid in with indignation.

Since they are immoral by nature, women have no hope of controlling their sinful sexual desires, so when confronted with an opportunity to rub their clits together they will almost certainly take it (as Emma Stone is about to do in this GIF). The only thing us righteous men can do to get women to live a virtuous life free of heated lesbian sex is to circumcise them properly and make sure we keep them locked up in their cages at night.

Emma Stone nude

Emma Stone shows off her nude body while trying on her Muslim master’s fine silken robe in the photo above.

By the opulence of the garment in which Emma Stone is showing her naked body it is clear to see that she is now serving as a concubine in a powerful Sheikh’s harem. Of course since Emma Stone is a redhead this should come as no surprise as every so often us virile Muslims get the urge to hate f*ck one of these soulless ginger sluts. Since Allah would never curse one of his beloved Muslim people with red hair, we must important bedeviled carrot tops like Emma Stone to serve as our pump stations.

Ironically sex with a Muslim is the only way Emma Stone and her fellow redheaded women could truly become fire crotches, as the the mighty thrusts of our meat spears send sparks and ignite their pubic loins like tinder.

Emma Stone naked

Emma Stone lays naked on a couch while waiting to get her sinful fire crotch plugged in the photo above.

Emma Stone’s labia appear to be engorged from erotic anticipation. This no doubt means that she is expecting a virile Muslim to come pummel her cervix with his mighty meat scud.

Yes only the undeniable sex appeal of us truly masculine Muslim men can elicit the level of arousal Emma Stone is displaying in this naked picture. When a Muslim suitor flips Emma over and violently penetrates her holes as his course beard caresses the back of her neck, she will know the epitome of erotic pleasure. Which is something the limp-dicked homoqueer American males could never even dream of being able to provide.

Emma Stone nude

Actress Emma Stone poses nude while laying on her bed with a photo of Spider-Man to promote the May 2nd release of her new movie “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″.

Obviously Emma Stone thinks that if she gets the infidels to shoot their webs to this naked picture, they will go see her crappy Spider-Man movie. Unfortunately for Emma anyone who was unlucky enough to have seen the first “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie, would need much more than a naked picture to get them to suffer through another.

Yes after that first abomination of a film, Emma Stone would have to offer free blowjobs to get people into the theaters to see this sequel. Of course even then Emma Stone would be getting the better end of the deal.

Emma Stone nude

The Internet is abuzz over the leaking of the above Emma Stone nude selfie.

Many Emma Stone apologists are trying to claim that this photo is not real, and that Emma would not take a nude photo even though she is a professional whore for Zionist controlled Hollywood.

Unlike these people us pious Muslims only deal in facts and hard proof, that is why after some investigative journalism and careful examination of this Emma Stone nude selfie we have determined that it is definitely 100% real… beyond any shadow of a doubt.

First it looks like Emma, and the tits are sufficiently wonky to be Emma’s. Next we uncovered the photo below of Emma Stone by the pool with her cell phone, and as you can clearly see she has the exact same cell phone case as the girl in the photo.

Emma Stone nude

If that wasn’t proof enough that this selfie is really Emma Stone, we took the photo to Imam Apul Madeek-Auod who after examining the photo in his private chambers for several hours finally emerged, requested some Gatorade, and confirmed that this is Emma Stone.

So there you have it an Emma Stone leaked nude selfie. Allah willing she will soon be known as Emma “Stoned” for inflicting us with the sight of her sinful naked body.