Emma Stone nude

Actress Emma Stone poses nude while laying on her bed with a photo of Spider-Man to promote the May 2nd release of her new movie “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″.

Obviously Emma Stone thinks that if she gets the infidels to shoot their webs to this naked picture, they will go see her crappy Spider-Man movie. Unfortunately for Emma anyone who was unlucky enough to have seen the first “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie, would need much more than a naked picture to get them to suffer through another.

Yes after that first abomination of a film, Emma Stone would have to offer free blowjobs to get people into the theaters to see this sequel. Of course even then Emma Stone would be getting the better end of the deal.

Emma Stone nude

The Internet is abuzz over the leaking of the above Emma Stone nude selfie.

Many Emma Stone apologists are trying to claim that this photo is not real, and that Emma would not take a nude photo even though she is a professional whore for Zionist controlled Hollywood.

Unlike these people us pious Muslims only deal in facts and hard proof, that is why after some investigative journalism and careful examination of this Emma Stone nude selfie we have determined that it is definitely 100% real… beyond any shadow of a doubt.

First it looks like Emma, and the tits are sufficiently wonky to be Emma’s. Next we uncovered the photo below of Emma Stone by the pool with her cell phone, and as you can clearly see she has the exact same cell phone case as the girl in the photo.

Emma Stone nude

If that wasn’t proof enough that this selfie is really Emma Stone, we took the photo to Imam Apul Madeek-Auod who after examining the photo in his private chambers for several hours finally emerged, requested some Gatorade, and confirmed that this is Emma Stone.

So there you have it an Emma Stone leaked nude selfie. Allah willing she will soon be known as Emma “Stoned” for inflicting us with the sight of her sinful naked body.

Emma Stone webcam

Actress Emma Stone gets naked and plays with herself while on webcam in this behind the scenes photo.

In the digital age this is what is known as “casting” in heathen Hollywood. When an actress like Emma Stone auditions for a role the first step is to strip nude and perform a cam sex show for the casting director.

If he likes what he sees he’ll “tip” Emma Stone with the location of the film’s producer, so that she can go blow him and hopefully get the part.

This modern casting process is very efficient, and allows for tech savvy sluts like Emma Stone to “audition” multiple times a day. Clearly the future is now.

Emma Stone upskirt

Actress Emma Stone lets out a massive noxious fart (smelling of Earl Grey, cinnamon, and brie) blowing up her mini skirt and exposing her red panties in the GIF above.

Clearly this farting upskirt is all part of Emma Stone’s publicity tour for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ which is set to be released in May 2014.

After eating at a Chipotle Emma’s character in the film “Gwen Stacy” acquires the superpower to shoot powerful blasts of air out of her anus. Then alongside her boyfriend Spider-Man Gwen will battle the dastardly supervillains of Oscorp by bending over and firing her ass wind. Stunning the evil-doers with its pungent aroma, so that Spider-Man can shoot them with his webs.

Emma Stone see through nips

Emma Stone shows off her nipples in a see through bra while in granny panties in the photo above.

Even though Emma Stone is the chairman of the itty bitty titty committee it is still a great offense to Islam for her to be shamelessly flaunting her nipples like this.

The Qur’an is very clear that even mosquito bite boobies like Emma Stone’s are wicked and sinful (see passage al-Abdul 3:21). So despite Emma Stone’s androgynous appearance, as a woman her body is still an abomination that must remain covered at all times.

Emma Stone sex tape

A sex tape featuring fiery redheaded actress Emma Stone appears to have just been leaked to the Web.

Emma Stone, who starred in such films as “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Zombieland”, appears to expertly handles 3 guys at once in the sex tape video below.

Of course what is surprising about this sex tape is that Emma Stone is only with 3 guys. One would think a seasoned Hollywood star like Emma Stone would get worked over by at least a half a dozen men of varying ethnicity.

I guess this Emma Stone sex tape just goes to show you can’t always judge a book by its cover… and that is why it is important to burn all books but the holy Qur’an.