Kate Upton Considers Lawsuit Over Rumor She Dates Black Men

Yesterday various media outlets reported that swimsuit model Kate Upton is dating rapper P Diddy. Kate Upton was quick to shoot down these rumors, releasing a statement admittedly denying that her and Diddy are dating, while also claiming that she only met Diddy once, when at a party in Miami she mistook him for a ..

Selena Gomez Is Dating Kim Kardashian

Well it looks like Selena Gomez has dumped Leighton Meester and moved on to bigger game in the form of Kim Kardashian. While Kim Kardashian’s usual taste is for black men, a Mexican girl like Selena Gomez with the right strap-on is the next best thing. Selena Gomez already has a long list of ladies ..

Joe Jonas And Betty White Are Dating

Sources have confirmed that teen heartthrob Joe Jonas is dating Betty White. Joe Jonas and Betty White were spotted getting cozy while having dinner at 4:30pm at a Cracker Barrel in Palm Springs. According to an eye witness “They seemed really into each other. Betty was rubbing her wool stockings up and down Joe’s leg, ..