Keira Knightley topless

Keira Knightly, star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and chairwoman of the “Itty Bitty Titty Committee”, poses completely topless in the new issue of Interview magazine.

Clearly the reason Keira Knightley chose to show her tits in a magazine called “Interview” is because she has the good sense to recognize that as a woman she has absolutely nothing interesting to say. It is just too bad that more women do not follow Keira’s lead and realize that no one wants to hear about their menstrual cramps and favorite pie fillings, so they should just shut their f*cking mouths and show their tits.

Of course it is also unfortunate that most women don’t have breasts as pleasingly unfeminine as Keira Knightley’s. Why if Keira just slicked her hair back someone could easily mistake her for a holy Muslim dancing boy. I look forward to the day when the UK becomes a caliphate and Keira Knightley’s genitals are hacked up in accordance with Islamic law, thus finally making her fully nude body completely halal.

Emma Watson topless

Emma Watson poses completely topless while trying to look artsy in the black and white photo above.

It is a common delusion among infidel women that if they simply make their lewd photos black and white, all of a sudden they are works of art and not pornography. Well I got news for Emma Watson and any other wannabe topless female artists, there is absolutely nothing artistic or aesthetically pleasing about a woman’s breasts or bare flesh.

Real art consists of bucolic scenes featuring beautiful goats playfully prancing in the fields, or perhaps a desert landscape with a mighty camel shading itself underneath a fig tree. Ideally these pictures should be painted with the blood of the infidel on canvases made of Jew bone to add to the moving ambiance of the piece. Certainly photos of Emma Watson’s tiny titties can not be even begin to compare to such works of art, no matter how devoid of color she makes them.

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan is an English actress and a attention whore who “accidentally” had the epic topless photo below leaked online.

Michelle was Instagraming photos while in the bathtub when she posted and then immediately removed the topless one below. Luckily the Iranian Intelligence Services uses sophisticated bots to archive every Instagram picture busty women like Michelle Keegan post (for research purposes), and the photo was saved for posterity.

Michelle Keegan topless

What makes this Michelle Keegan topless photo “epic” is that she appears to be one of the few infidel women with tits that are halal. For not only are Michelle’s breasts an adequate size, but their shape and nipples are almost perfectly symmetrical.

Of course the only thing Michelle Keegan’s boobs are missing is a nice patch of dark pubic hair between them, and covering her pink areola. However, that will grow in when she is finally purchased by a Muslim man, and she starts eating table scraps and sleeping out in the barn.

Emma Watson breasts

Emma Watson shows off her breasts in a completely see through top with no bra in the scandalous photo above.

Leave it to a brazen slut like Emma Watson to go out in a shirt like this putting her tits on full display. Emma is just lucky one of us Muslim men did not catch her out dressed like this, or we would have given her nipples a tongue lashing they would never forget.

Of course one of the main problems with the degenerate West is that women like Emma Watson are allowed to go out prostituting their sex organs without any repercussions. If the infidel males were not such flaming homoqueers, they would put women like Emma in their place for this outrageous flaunting of their shameful feminine sexuality. As it is Emma Watson’s breasts are allowed free reign, and her nipples remain neither tweaked nor suckled in response.

Taylor Swift nipples

Taylor Swift proudly shows off her petite breasts while in a see through lace dress with no bra on.

This risque braless photo is clearly Taylor Swift’s attempt at trying to rebrand herself as a full blown whore… And really who could blame her as pop music has accelerated its downward spiral into ever deeper levels of depravity, Taylor must feel a tremendous amount of pressure to keep up and stay relevant.

Unfortunately for Taylor Swift this race to the bottom in infidel culture is one that she can not win. Not because she has any moral scruples of course, as her showing her breasts in this see through dress proves that she does not, but simply because any day now brother Obama is going to declare the caliphate. Then us powerful Muslims will ride through the West on our war camels, and purify its degenerate culture with the teachings of the blessed Prophet and the sharpened edge of our scimitars. You can guess which one we will be using on Taylor Swift.

Kim Kardashian braless

The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services have reportedly opened an investigation into Kim Kardashian after the photos below of Kim pushing her daughter North West in a stroller while braless were released online.

The Child Protective Services social worker assigned to the case is apparently concerned about the emotional abuse Kim Kardashian may be inflicting on North West by flaunting her unsheathed bulbous milk wagons in front of her.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the social worker tells us that Kim Kardashian hanging her braless titties over a baby stroller is like “showing a hungry child a Thanksgiving dinner but not letting it eat it”, and that this type of withholding can cause “serious emotional and psychological damage”. The social worker concluded by adding “This poor child is already half gypsy slut and half braggart negro, hasn’t it been through enough?”


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