Scarlett Johansson topless

Scarlett Johansson lets her bulbous titties hang out in the topless photo above.

Clearly Scarlett hopes that by showing her righteously large bare mammaries she will convince us virile Muslims to snake her boob valley. Unfortunately for Scarlett before us Muslims will plant our meat IEDs in her tit ditch and detonate our baby batter all over her face she must convert to Islam.

Islam is a very inclusive and peaceful religion so converting is quite easy. Scarlett Johansson simply must recite the holy “Shahada” with sincere belief. Then all that is left to do is to skin a Jew and place its pelt on the alter of the Mosque and she is in. Other busty Western women should consider this simple conversion as well.

Britney Spears topless

Britney Spears briefly flashes her sinful nipples while topless in a bathtub in the GIF above.

Life must be difficult for an aging pop star whore like Britney Spears, as she struggles to stay relevant with brazen acts of sluttery like this topless GIF. Of course these attempts are futile, as Britney’s whorish antics have long ago been eclipsed by younger sluttier pop stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus.

The humane thing would have been to put Britney Spears down long ago. Now we must suffer the sickening sight of her sloppy old lady titties. Rest assured when Islam conquers the West we will right this wrong.

Demi Lovato

Former Disney star and “The X Factor” judge Demi Lovato just had the topless selfie photo below leaked online.

Demi Lovato topless

Demi has long suffered from an eating disorder, but from the looks of this topless picture she only vomited up weight from her tits.

Before imbecilic Demi Lovato fans start claiming that it is not her, I have included a photo of Demi’s tattoos below for comparison.

Demi Lovato tattoos

As you can see there is no doubt that this is a Demi Lovato leaked topless picture. If anyone says the tattoos in the topless photo are on the wrong side of Demi’s body (not realizing that the mirror the photo was taken in reverses the image) a fatwa will be issued, and by Allah’s beard they will wiped from the earth for the betterment of humanity.

Cameron Diaz sex tape

Cameron Diaz shows her wonky old lady tits in a see through t-shirt with no bra in these stills from her new movie “Sex Tape”.

Why Hollywood would cast a decrepit slut like Cameron Diaz for a movie called “Sex Tape” is beyond me. Do they really think that even the depraved infidel public will get excited over hearing the words Cameron Diaz and sex tape together?

The only way this movie would be watchable is if it were filmed back in the early 90′s on a VHS, and featured Luke Perry poking a still hot Cameron Diaz in the ass. No amount of see through breast pics are going to make up for that fact that the only association between Cameron Diaz and sex tape people think of now is her duct taping her elderly vagina closed so that her barren uterus doesn’t prolapse out of it.


Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz

Jennifer Lawrence topless

A topless “selfie” photo of Academy Award winning actress and “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence just leaked to the Web.

Jennifer Lawrence loves nothing more than to prostitute her tits for attention and critical acclaim. Of course this is a blasphemous photo and offensive to us pious Muslims, as the Qur’an is very clear that a woman’s breasts are shameful and infested with djinns.

Jennifer needs to learn that boobs are only for feeding future Jihadist babies. If they aren’t in service as a milk factory they should be either removed with a scimitar, or duct taped down and hidden behind a thick wool burka. Perhaps a vigorous flogging with some stiff Nile reeds will teach Jennifer Lawrence this valuable lesson, and put these unholy mammaries away once and for all.

Elizabeth Gillies cleavage

Former Nickelodeon star Elizabeth Gillies shows her massive cleavage on Instagram in the photo above.

With luscious teats like these Elizabeth would make a fine edition to my farm. I bet I could squeeze half a pail of fresh milk out of those titters nearly every day.

Yes Elizabeth Gillies is certainly a fine piece of livestock. I have contacted Elizabeth’s owners at CAA to see about purchasing her in exchange for a gallon of insecticide, a bushel of figs, and a beautiful handwoven rug made from the back hair of my 3rd wife. However, I have yet to hear back… probably because they are playing hardball hoping to score more back hair.