Angelina Jolie Shocking Bestiality Photo Uncovered

Angelina Jolie Shocking Bestiality Photo Uncovered

This never before released David LaChapelle photo of Angelina Jolie getting her titties licked by a horse is up for auction. I don’t care how funny the Chapelle Show was, there is no reason to spend good money for his disgusting Angelina Jolie bestiality picture. Seriously, what kind of a sick degenerate would want to ..

Jessica Alba & Dolphin Shocking Bestiality Vid

We have just uncovered disturbing footage of actress Jessica Alba engaged in sexual foreplay with a dolphin. By the look of this video it is safe to assume that this isn’t Jessica Alba’s first inter-species sexual relationship, and that Jessica has definitely been passed around the barn a few times. While this disturbing act of ..

Katy Perry’s Bestiality Allegation Shocker

Just when I think this country and its celebrities have hit rock bottom, Katy Perry manages to sink even further into depravity. As the photo above clearly demonstrates, Katy Perry takes part in wanton acts of bestiality. No, I’m not talking about that filthy British ape man to whom she prostitutes herself. I’m talking about ..