The video above contains the audio file that was just leaked online of Jennifer Lawrence having an orgasm.

This certainly sounds like Jennifer Lawrence creaming herself, as she has a very distinct throaty raspiness to her voice, which she no doubt obtained from years of deep throating Hollywood producers.

Adding further credence to this Jennifer Lawrence orgasm audio leak is the fact that women can not achieve true erotic ecstasy without a pounding from a virile Muslim man, and since no self-respecting Muslim would ever do Jennifer the honor of pillaging her stink hole then she must be faking it in this audio clip. Only an Academy Award winning actress like Jennifer Lawrence would have the acting skills necessary to properly fake the primal guttural moans featured on this recording.

Mel Gibson

“For the strength of the Pack is the N**ger,
and the strength of the N**ger is the Pack”

– Rudyard Kipling

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding a message Mel Gibson left for one of his women in which he corrects her for dressing like a whore, and then tells her she is going to “get raped by a pack of n**gers”.

Now that recording of Mel has been leaked to the Internet. Thankfully I think we’ve reached a point as a society were we can laugh about this whole “raped by a pack of n**gers” thing. Maybe it will even become a new catch phrase, we have not had one of those in a while. Something like “Damn girl you look good enough to raped by a pack of n**gers”.

Below is the recording of Mel Gibson’s controversial rant to his baby mama Oksana. I must warn you sensitive types out there that he does say some pretty nasty things about breast implants, so if you are easily offended by that kind of stuff like I am I suggest you do not listen.

Obama Kanye West

Celeb Jihad has obtained the exclusive audio of President Barack Obama calling Kanye West a “n-word” for interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech during the VMAs.

The audio was recorded just before Obama went on camera to do an interview with CNBC. Before the interview began, Obama was asked about Kanye and said “I thought that was really inappropriate,” then added, “He’s a jackass.”

Here is that audio:

But Obama was not done there. While reporters kept recording Obama proceeded to go all “hood” as he let loose a string of profanities and racial slurs towards the rapper. Repeatedly calling Kanye a “house n-word”.

We have the exclusive audio of that tirade here: