Miley Cyrus vagina

After nearly showing her vagina for months while traveling all over the world on her “Bangerz” tour, Miley Cyrus has finally removed the thin layer of spandex it was hiding behind and exposed her lady cave in all its glory.

As you can see, Miley proudly spreads eagle and shows her smooth gash while on stage in the photo above. Of course Miley showing off her cock pocket was inevitable as she is on a secret mission from Allah to accelerate the decline of Western society by promoting epic levels of depravity.

It is just a matter of time now before Miley’s pop star contemporaries Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande follow suit and start showing their cooters on stage in the never ending race to the bottom that is infidel popular culture. Once these celebrity pop star vaginas are being freely and willing exposed in public, the West will collapse into a chaotic black hole of degeneracy and us righteous Muslims while ride in on our war camels and establish a holy Islamic caliphate which will last until the end of days.

Hayden Panettiere nude

Whenever a celebrity’s nude photos leak online, inevitably celeb obsessed white knights rush to their defense and claim the photos are not real. This is especially true in cases were a celebrity’s face is not visible in the photo.

Thankfully us Muslims no better than to ever doubt the depths of depravity of your typical Hollywood harlot, and as followers of the one true faith can not help but bring the facts to light… And that is exactly what we have done once again, as Iranian Intelligence has thoroughly investigated the Hayden Panettiere vagina picture above that was leaked a few days ago (along with her other pics), and they have come to indisputable conclusion that it is in fact Hayden’s puffy tight little pussy in this picture.

To back up this assertion they have provided the conclusive evidence they uncovered below.

Evidence #1

Hayden Panettiere proof

Perhaps the most damning piece of evidence is this photo of Hayden Panettiere out to dinner with her boyfriend wearing the exact same outfit and ring as the one in the pussy picture. Furthermore, this photo was taken in 2009 the same year as the exif data in the leaked pussy pic says it was taken.

Evidence #2

Hayden Panettiere proof

Hayden Panettiere at around the same time period wearing the exact same ring as the one in the leaked photo.

Evidence #3

Hayden Panettiere proof

An even clearer shot of Hayden wearing the unique large heart shaped diamond ring seen in the leaked photo.

Evidence #4

Hayden Panettiere proof

Finally there is this photo which was leaked at the same time as the pussy pic. In it you can clearly see Hayden’s face and that she is wearing the same light pink lace flower panties.

The prosecution rests its case. This is clearly Hayden Panettiere’s vagina in this leaked photo, and she must be punished for her crimes against morality. Perhaps a vicious tongue lashing of her sin bean by a righteous Muslim like myself is in order.

As you can see in the video above, Katy Perry was performing in concert when her vagina briefly slips out of her multicolored slut suit.

In an effort to try and silence the piercing screams of her homoqueer fans, Katy Perry thrusts her hips unleashing her labia, but it is to no avail as the knob gobblers continue their high-pitched squawking.

Unfortunately for Katy Perry her lady bits have become so swollen from years of abuse that they might as well be an infidel’s c*ck, and so they can no longer repulse flaming homoqueers. In fact Katy’s bulge is no doubt drawing these homos to her crappy pop music. It is the same thing that happened with Madonna, only she embraces her gay icon status and enjoys getting her lady dick sucked.

Lily Allen vagina upskirt

British pop star Lily Allen flashes her vagina while performing on stage in the photo above.

We all knew it was just a matter of time until pop stars started just blatantly showing their nasty vaginas on stage to get people to attend their live shows, Lily Allen just happens to be the first (there is even odds on Miley Cyrus or Rihanna being the second).

For a degenerate whore Lily Allen’s “minge” does not look particularly beaten up. One would have expected it to look like a mass of chewed bubble gum dripping with mayonnaise. However, the relatively good condition of her sin slit is no reflection on her moral character as it can almost certainly be attributed to the fact that all British men are flaming homoqueers who are far to busy finger popping their mates’ “arseholes” to bother with a “slag” like Lily Allen.

Olivia Munn vagina

Actress, TV host, and Green Bay Fudge Packers star QB Aaron Rodgers’ beard girlfriend, Olivia Munn flashes her vagina while drunkenly partying in LA last night.

Of course it should come as no surprise that when given alcohol Olivia Munn strips nearly naked and shows off her vagina in public, for like all women Olivia is base by nature. Once alcohol is added to the simple and fundamentally morally corrupt mind of a woman she can not help but shamelessly whore her body like this.

The irony is that even though Olivia Munn is granting easy access to her baby cave by removing her panties and putting her legs back by her head, if a virile Muslim were to happen by and violently pound her with his mighty meat scud, Olivia would no doubt claim that she “wasn’t asking for it”. Then she would happily join the growing cult of victimhood among women in the West, and brag about how she was able to find the inner strength to overcome this “traumatic” yet no doubt extremely pleasure experience.

Kate Upton vagina

Yesterday was super model Kate Upton’s 22nd birthday, and to celebrate Sports Illustrated posted 22 pictures of Kate to their website. Only someone forgot to tell the web editor to not use the pre-Photoshop pictures of Kate Upton in body paint, and he accidentally included the photo above in which Kate’s vagina is clearly visible.

This is obviously an original photo of Kate Upton naked in body paint, as not only is her sin slit visible but so are the tattoos on her finger and wrist. The photos of Kate in body paint that made it into the magazine look like the one below, in which you can clearly see her tattoos and vagina have been Photoshopped out.

Kate Upton

Not only did Sports Illustrated mistakenly post a pre-edited photo of Kate Upton’s beaten up looking baby cave yesterday, but (as you can see in the photo below) they also included one in which Kate’s nipple is visible.

Kate Upton nipple

This was clearly another mistake as this same photo appeared in the magazine sans nipple, as you can see in the photo below.

Kate Upton nipple

It should go without saying that someone at Sports Illustrated is going to get fired over accidentally posting these pictures, and that this is probably not the first time that Kate Upton’s vagina has ruined someone’s life.