Zac Efron Shoots Cat 13 Times in the Head


Zac Efron shot an Australian cat named Smokey 13 times in the head with an air rifle, but the cat still found his way home after this vicious act of animal cruelty.

Zac Efron allegedly shot an Australian cat named Smokey 13 times in the head with an air rifle, but the cat still found his way home after this vicious act of animal cruelty.

A 9-year-old cat named Smokey walked home and lay on his owner’s doorstep bleeding from the head after being missing for three days.

The cat was wounded after allegedly being shot 13 times in the head by Zac Efron, according to a source close to the cat who we met at the bus station.

Police called the incident “a shocking act of animal cruelty.” Owner Lisa Robins said she was tremendously horrified by the scene.

“I was just really shocked that Zac Efron could take an animal and literally hold them down and just keep shooting them.”

Sergeant Jim Solvang told reporters the medical examiner found 13 pellets in the cat’s head and face.

“This is just a shocking incident where Zac Efron either working alone or in a group, perhaps with the rest of the High School Musical cast, has shown no regard for animal life and left Smokey for dead,” Solvang said.

During the examination, Smokey was heavily sedated as the pellets were being removed. Henry White, a representative for the Australian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said this act was most likely done because Zac Efron is dabbling in Satanism.

“It’s a pattern that we’re seeing with Zac Efron and there’s only one way to deal with it, and that’s jail,” White said.

Nevertheless, police have suggested the only way this type of cruelty ends is if attitudes change. They explained that the general consensus among young male actors is that cats are feminine creatures, and there’s nothing young actors hate more than females.

Zac Efron is reportedly in Australia filming his latest movie, You’ve Got Male 2: The Thunder Down Under.

  • Mamma Lee

    I can’t beleive Zac Efron would do that???!!! That’s it, my daughters are going to have to take their posters down and stop watching his movies… I am going to organize a boycott here in the Carolinas. We love our animals out here… especially cats (and my husband loves his Panthers too ;)).

    • tina

      How are you allowed to raise children being this gullible. You’d better bring your kid in you know the street roll in at night.

  • Jenna

    Bull shit!!!!!! Lying, no good, jealous freaks who love to make up crappy stories about successful celebrities. Get a LIFE.

    • wtf

      What part tipped you off?

      “according to a source close to the cat who we met at the bus station.”

    • a whitey

      uhm, hello. they don’t make up stories here at celebjihad

  • steeze

    haha faggot! id love to see his career get smoked for something like this

    • meow

      ur a dumb bitch tho

  • Manda

    Ummm… I know this is meant to be a joke but it ain’t even funny.

  • James

    Obviously Efron did no such thing but did something like this actually happen to a cat in Australia ?

    • somepoeplergullible

      yes, a cat did really get shot 13 times. a group of boys cornered it and shot it.

      they have doctored the news article about it to include Zac Efrons name

  • Amy

    Zac isn’t even in australia this is so funny. zac ftw!

  • juliana

    lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies. very lies.

    • a whitey

      you’re a liar. you lie.

  • lilly

    Well, I for one do not believe anything unless I see it in the National Enquirer first.

  • chelsey

    this is absolute bull shit…not only is he not anywhere near austraillia and hasnt been as hes filming charlie st. cloud in CANADA not austraillia..hes not even casted in youve got mail 2…this is such bullshit i had to laugh..i couldnt even believe a word this article said…they have no idea what they are talking about..i just feel bad for the fucker who wrote this bullshit..hes probably gonna get an ass whooping by fans..but yeahh..just thought id proove my points..

    • doggbutts

      Yeah, I bet the author is pissing his pants over getting his ass kicked by Zac Efron’s fans.

  • Pry

    ridiculous lie ¬¬

  • melissa

    duh! that is a false rumor cause he is not in australia he is in canada filming charlie st.cluod duh!!!!

  • tabby cat

    you are a lier not zac

  • Carolina

    this is ridiculous, Zac would never do such a thing
    He has several pets at home, enclusive a cat.

  • Piettia

    The monster is in he land down under. I thru my High School musical in the trash and inany thing else he was in is going. I love animals and have two kittens, 4 dogs which are rescured, 3 horses taken from their monster owner and three goats. They all love each other and to bad people can ote be like them. I wish someone would take this monster out and shoot him 13 times so he would konw what it felt llike.

  • Should’ve known

    Look at those piearcing blue eyes in that banner pic, it should have been obvious to all of us that he was capable of this satanistic type of behavior. Next time we should not be so gullable as to our children’s roll models! Protect your families and pets from these types of cult leaders people! OMG we better do something quick before they infect Hannah Montana too. Let’s hope it’s not too late!

  • anon

    Oh come on, this is obviously bullsh**

  • Huh

    This has to be a joke about Zac. NOT FUNNY

  • Lesley Jolly

    People he is in Australia filming a movie. And the police would not make up a story about that if it wasnt true. Just because he comes across as being a real nice guy on TV does not mean he is really like that in real life!!!! Take the blinkers off people. He will pay and its called Karma.

    • lolz

      Actually he’s in Vancouver, BC, Canada filming a movie, and doesn’t the line “and there’s nothing young actors hate more than females.” That’s pretty much his WHOLE fanbase, lol, he LOVES the females, it’s why he’s famous…don’t believe everything you read on a site called “CelebJihad”….duh!

      Besides, “You’ve Got Male 2: The Thunder Down Under” sounds like a porn movie…

      If I believed the word of everyone *I* met at a bus stop, my life would be VERY different, and probably worse, lol!

  • CarolAnn

    Someone should strip this miserable excuse for a human naked,smear his body with female cat scent and let 13 angry male cats loose on him!!!!!!
    Who raised this cruel idiot? Will he be punished for this? What is this world coming to that a boy(you surely could not call him a man) can get his kicks torturing a helpless cat,it makes you wonder what would he do to a girl that dis pleased him?

  • Mamma Lee

    Boy, I sure am glad to see all of ya’ll agreein with me. (By the way, let me shout out a belated “first!”)

    My daughters sure were mad when I made them take down them posters, but it was fore the best. I asked them how they would feel if Zac shot their cat, Noodles (he’s Siameese, thus the Oriental name) and they said they’d be sad. That taught ’em good.

    Mamma Lee said there’d be days like this, but nobody listened. Now look what happened!

  • Robert Cardillo

    Firstly if Zac is dabbling in Satanism then he is phony Satanist. I have been a member of the Church of Satan for over 27 years. I find this a little hard to believe. We would boot out ANYONE caught doing this type of sick crap. Dr. LaVey loved animals as well as any member of the church does. If he did indeed do it, then he needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Lex Talonis!!!

  • VeganAshlie

    I am SOOO confused right now. Cause I recently saw a different post from one of my friends stating it was a DIFFERENT guy who shot the cat 13 times .. so I am really confused ??? Either way whoever shot the cat deserves to be shot 13 times!!! and MORE .. Anyway …… I dont know WHO to believe??? STUPID NEWS PEOPLE

  • Maria Elena G0nzalez

    This freak has to come out of the closet and shoot his brains and nuts off, as he they are useless.

  • keren

    That’s impossible! my friend just saw Zac and he’s in Vacouver right now!

  • Kekuhoumana H. Ka’ahea

    Zac Efron is a threat to society and extremely dangerous, if he has little regard for an innocent, defenseless creature like Smokey the cat than my question is would he also exhibit violent behavior to other defenseless beings like our elders, young children or women in his future or presently? We really don’t know what his intentions really are. This man needs to be taken off our streets and put into a psychological/psychiatric program that will curb his violent behavior.

  • Not Gullible

    Wow, does everybody believe what they read on ONE webpage? If this *actually* happened, it would be allllllll over the news….yet it’s not…strange, huh? Also crazy how he can be in Australia filming a fake movie, and in Canada filming a REAL movie at the same time….oooOOOooo, maybe he’s MAGIC!!



  • ok then

    i dont see why people make up these stupid stories, “zac efron shot my cat”, “zac efron told me that he dousnt like vanessa anymore”, some people need to grow up

  • Luiza

    Let me see. He shooted a cat in AUSTRALIA, even when he’s in CANADA, filming The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. Is it possible? I don’t think so.
    Actually he’s not even filming a movie called ‘You’ve Got Male 2: The Thunder Down Under’. And he NEVER filmed that. So how can you say that he is in Australia, and he shooted an Australian cat?!
    It’s incredible, how can you believe in EVERYTHING that they say about EVERYBODY?

  • Cynthia

    There is nothing funny about animal cruelty or abusing animals in any way. How this poor cat, who obviously was tortured in some way by someone, could have his/her photo used as the butt of a joke is sick. Just by using and displaying the photo, you validate the actions of the abuser. It is sickening. Obviously this has nothing to do with Zac Efron but don’t glorify animal cruelty or suggest that there is anything to laugh about in regards to that poor cat.

    • Uhhh

      Fart on your face.

  • claudio

    he’s a f***** cocaine abuser and a satanist ..that’s why he did it…he deserves a jail where his f*** ass will be destroyed !!!

  • ooo

    AHah. Omg seriously, at least make up good stories … xD

  • mogwai

    amusing how people get all worked up over cats even on fake news stories. just last week i was laughing as an acquaintance joked how he was throwing a cat in the air while his buddy tried to shoot it. course his buddy couldn’t hit the thing so he had to track the cat down and put it down.

  • OMG

    What the fuck is this shit? I am appalled that a celebrity who such a large influence on children would ever do this… I am going to hire a lawyer and try to sue Disney. How could they let this happen? I have a few cats of my own and the children love them they sleep with them,eat with them and so on. What would happen if they ended up hating the cats I love so much I would probably be heart broken…

  • Turfgirl

    Yes, it is funny that of all people they suggested that Zac Efron would do this (known for being a really nice guy) but seriously – isn’t anyone completely disgusted about the fact that someone out there actually did this to a live animal? I’m not a huge fan of cats, but even if it were a rat, this is cruel. Whoever did this has some serious issues and perhaps that is what we should be freaking out about here.

  • kuuipo

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh what a fuck stupid gossip!!!!!!! I met Zac in Rome and he isn’t that kind of guy! he’s really sweet and isn’t right that fucking paparazzi put shit like this on Zac! he doesn’t command all this shit! I hate paparazzi when they have fun throwing shit on famous people!


    nOn è statO lui assOlutamente impOssibile.. lui è il miO idOlO nOn farebbe mai una cOsa del genere.. è una bugia bella e buOna.. anke inventata.. pOi vOrrei prOpriO le prOve.. quandO mi pOrterete le prOve allOra fOrse ci crederO’.. ma fOrse.. nOn è dettO..!!

  • ZacFan95

    Who thinks of this fuckin shit??? All of you people out there who think this is real… its not!!! So parents don’t tell your kids to not like Zac, because he is a good person and would never do that to a cat or any animal. This story was made up by some stupid freak that hates Zac. BTW just because he is famous dosent mean that people can spread fase shit ok.

    • 3333

      This is posted at the top of the article, dumb ass.


  • Hannah

    I don’t know if zac even did shoot that cat 13 times in the head. But if he freakin did id kill him and id shoot im 13 times in the head. Thats just freakin stupid. i mean like zac but now i dont even know if i f’in do now.