Young Kim Kardashian Naked Pic

Young Kim Kardashian naked

The above photo reportedly of a young Kim Kardashian naked has just been leaked to the web.

This picture of Kim was obviously taken before she had plastic surgery to have chicken grease injected into her tits and ass in an effort to become irresistible to blacks.

It appears as though at one time in Kim Kardashian’s life she was not a hopeless mudshark whore, but just a regular whore, who at least had enough sense to know that a woman’s place is in the kitchen not out trolling for natives with her surgically modified bulbous ass.

  • ere

    Everytime a google is killed…an angel of god in heaven has an orgasm..

    • gasman123

      And less crime on our streets. Our homes, our schools, are city streets of googles shall be cleared.

      • ere

        Less murders..less rapes..less attitude..less rage…less blood pressure..less rudeness…less welfare cheques..less destruction of economy..less..whoa..I can go on and on and on but it would require a lot of time just to count them all…

        • Mufti David

          …the world would be a lot whiter.

          • gasman123

            To be honest, if I did not know a google had ruined it I would fuck her. Seeing documented proof she is a race trader totally turns me off to the idea. I hope she fucks up with some stupid fucking coon and has a halfrican kid that goes through school being mistreated to teach the public a real lesson.

      • yo mama

        if there were less paki’s, there’d be less suicide bombings

    • Triston Hylton

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      • dave

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        • Terrorist hater

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  • Anubis

    The Department of Health should come in and haul this filthy mudshark’s fat ass away for blatant unsanitary conditions while preparing food in the kitchen. From the looks of her, it’s been awhile since she last bathed, and her stink holes are no doubt emanating a foul disgusting stench.

    And what about that poor defenseless dog sitting nearly below her enormous stinkin’ butt? The dog could be crapped upon at any moment, and catch lice or other undesirable things from her as well. The agency for animal cruelty should cite her big time for that one for sure.

    Unlike our wholesome Musliminas that are clean, civlilized and dons the Burka, these western infidel whores are terribly uncouth and should be stoned immediately, especially these Kardashian skanks!

    • Muslimsblow

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      • Anubis

        Filthy degenerate Kuffar, go back to your homo queer sites and contract the homo disease AIDS!

        • Jon Brown

          No we leave that to people like Arafat

  • Mufti David

    Young? She has more skin hanging than pete’s bulldog(which fucks him and vice versa) and even more hemroids hanging out from her assholes.

    She just gave birth to a puppy like creature and she’s about to feed him his tranny daddy’s 9 month old semen that she stored from the time of her ass munching. What a filthy whore.

  • mark

    That is jessica alba

  • very nice

    Thanks for all photos, … but all photo of this blog the most stupid of the world.
    I do not understand and do not close a website like this nonsense.
    Be blessed by Allah, they need it.

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    Dat ain’t kim it’s her sister dumb muslim mofos It’s circle jerk jihad time for da muslim homos here you mofos love da circle jerk almost as much as da glory hole and Tikrit is da glory hole capital of da world

    • Mufti David

      Tyrone Shoeface

      You are proving to be one heck of a hard google to tame. You must be taking part in ghetto bar brawls quiet often. My black shoe sure is in a better condition & way more beautiful than your face. Tell me, how many teeth do you have left?

      • Tyrone shoelaces

        Dickhead David.

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        • Mufti David

          Ty-Coon (not rich)

          A googles anus is like a “black hole”, it sucks in anything that flies by…

    • Booboo

      What language are you speaking, down syndrome?

      • Tyrone shoelaces

        Boo HOO

        No mofo it’s ubangie

        • Booboo

          Titties Tyrone should repeat his elementary school year

          • Anubis

            Google Tyrone never went to school. And the only thing he knows is “ubangie”, where he gets down like an animal and bangs some other groid in the ass.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Tyrone, the watermelon boy:

      Go meet your secret lover TPP (Tiny Pecker Pete) and shut the fuck up.

      • Tyrone shoelaces

        Ass fucker Hashim

        Yous sure loves to talk abouts dat Pete dude you got a thing for him? Won’t Anubis be mad if he finds out yous is cheetin on him?

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Don´t be jealous boy!

          Although you call me “ass fucker” I would never, NO WAY, have any kind of sexual intercourse with a Google or a Jew. Both are macroscopic – king size – VDs (venereal diseases).

  • Kahlid

    That poor dog. Their noses are more sensitive than humans. The noxious stink of that jiggaboo lovers well used holes is noxious to us.

    Imagine how awful it was for the canine?

    Dogs are haram but that doesn’t mean they should be abused by a coalburner.

    I blame this sickening outbreak of dog abuse and general googledom on our Muslim Brother Barry Soetoro and his unclean enjoyment of forbidden dog flesh.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Kahlid

      Yes, you speak many wise words.

      Us real Muslims don not support dog abuse…unlike that kenyan coon Obama, whose idea of eating a “hot dog” involves eating a real dog.

      • Kahlid

        The infidel Mitt Romney and his many wives will humiliate him him in the American’s sham elections this November.

        He seems to be closer to a true Muslim than Barack Hussein Obama.

      • Big Pete

        Big gay Butcher

        Your countless number of anal attacks on dogs is most definitely abuse. And there’s no doubt you suck a lot of “hot dog” at the mosque.

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    thats not Kim Kardashian

    • Anubis

      Homo chink Hong –

      And you’re not Taylor Swift. “100% FAKE, U GO TO HELL!”


    thats Jessica Alba

  • Jabbar Muhommed Kareem Ali

    Beware the whore is cooking! Either the house is going to burn down or her mongol boyfriend(s) are all gonna get e. coli or salmonella. If the entire L.A. Lakers don’t show up for work tomorrow, we know that they’ve got food poisoning and herpes! I feel sorry for the dog. Not Kim, the (white) dog.

  • Rodney The King

    I gots to admits not even i would stick my dick inna kardashun. i’d rather get anotha beatin from de po po.

  • wes

    you idiots thats not a young kim kardashian

    Last week, the Kardashian publicity team, and I mean, ‘team’, I think there’s about 879 of them, or some number as foretold in the bible related to the end of days, anyhow they were in a flurry and fluster last week shouting down rumors of new nekkid pictures of their meal ticket, Kim Kardashian, floating about the world wide web. The primary photo ‘leaked’ last week featured a brunette who kinda sorta not really looked like Kim, cooking eggs in the raw. Body raw, not eggs raw, that’s unsanitary. Anyhow, the photos got our Spidey senses tingling about veracity, and confirmed by a few of our fine feathered readers, we did determine that this photo belonged to a set from Colombian TV personality and all-around brunette hottie, Katherine Porto, form a pictorial in SoHo magazine circa 2009 where Katherine went about her entire daily routine, except without any top on. A great pictorial concept, for the record.


    the owner of this f**k ass site, has got nth to do

    • Kahlid

      NO U!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    kim was OK in the looks department when this pic was taken at her 7th birthday party,when she got a “deluxe easy bake oven”

    Now that she is a worn out, old maid, google banger, all she is good for is as a target for stoning practice..

    This is proof that if kim’s stupid father had sold her to a powerful Muslim when she turned 7….all the disgrace this google lover has brought to her ghetto would not have happened and she would have had at least 10 fine Jihadist babies to boot.

  • Uasked4it

    She looks better there than the whore she is now.

  • synn

    Thats obviously not Kim Kuntrashian we all know that bitch can’t cook she can barely spell eggs over easy if it wasnt for pimp mama Kris shed just be a drooling bimbo in a sea of her sisters bimbo drool.

  • muslimfucks

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      Yes, us Muslims fuck….all your western women who look good enough for a Muslim Man to become aroused enough to put his “man-root” into.

      And that ain’t as many as you drunken assholes might think. Infidel women on the whole are just plain ugly.

  • O.J.

    She is a colombian actress named Katherine Porto and that picture belong a shoot of SoHo magazine

    • Kahlid



  • kezia

    Poor dog

  • HEY YO

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  • Settherecordstraight

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    • Leo

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    • Jon Brown

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  • carlos

    Esa no es kim kardashian, es una actriz colombiana se llama ” katherine porto” … That’s not kim kardashian, is a Colombian actress is called “katherine porto”

  • confused?

    I can’t tell if this website is real muslims or if it’s a big joke. I’m going with its a big joke

    • Trust me

      It’s a big joke ;)

    • Adele

      Probably a big joke

  • Alessandro Mariani

    guys you are fantastic in the descriptions…”just a regular whore”…AHAHAH…

  • Airman_Lewis85

    That shit is NOT Kim K. She’s clearly asian..

  • DontBeRetarded

    Actually no race is better then anyother at anything your just as u said 13 so ur still just a baby and dont know much. You seem a bit angry for a little kid though go enjoy life and stfu with all the snappin

  • DontBeRetarded

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  • Kroix Kroix