Who’d You Rather: Naked Teen Moms Jenelle & Amber

Teen Mom Amber Jenelle naked

Every so often we here at Celeb Jihad like to fantasize about infidel women… we’d like to stone. Today’s contestants are Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood from the MTV show “Teen Mom”.

Jenelle Evans just had naked photos leaked to the web (see below), is a white trash whore, and is in constant trouble with the law. While Jenlle’s competitor Amber Portwood already had naked photos leaked to the web, is a white trash whore, and is currently serving time in prison.

So review the naked photos of Jenelle and Amber and decide who’d you rather stone, Jenelle or Amber?


Jenelle Evans Jenelle Evans Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans Amber Portwood Amber Portwood

  • NotGay

    The brunette

    • Ahmed

      Ooooooh That Amber. Yes please.


        sorry ahmed

  • Umar the Brown

    Yes, definitely Amber. She has a little Islamic in her, and after I am through with her, she will have had a BIG Islamic in her.



    • jujucru

      Lol! Damn right!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    fucking either one of those infidel whores would result in a bad case of the clap and would bring down the contempt of Allah.
    For the Qur’an clearly states….”do not waste your seed on the over-plowed fields of heathen adultresses.”

    Given these circumstances, the only thing a decent Muslim can do is shoot both whores with the AK-47.

    • iqbalkis is gay

      Are you living back in time? The clap doesn’t happen anymore. That was years and years and years ago. Unless you’re living in one of those countries that’s still behind the rest of the world in advancements. That would explain why you have so much livestock (besides for fucking).

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        gay asshole

        the closest I came to fucking livestock was when we pulled a train on your mother at the Mosque. I did her “camel style” and she gave me a bad case of the clap.

        I decided then to shoot infidel women with only the AK-47.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Anal Abdullah

          I agree, these two google loving bitches should be execute on site. I do not agree, however, with your livestock comment.

          All muslim women are fat, ugly cown, so when you put your cock in one, you’re fucking livestock.

          Ha. That was a joke. You have never put your mini meat in a woman….they don’t work the gloryholes.

          Suck dong dickhead


          • The Spelling Police

            Shut up, red neck asshole. Everybody knows that the Klan fucks men in the ass because thats the only way the can get off. Have you ever seen Deliverance? Of course you have, you starred in it as the head butt fucker.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            big fag pete

            you’re a one man (or tranny) gay pride parade.

        • iqbalkis is gay

          Abdullah the repetitive fucktard goat fucking bitch.
          The closest you came to livestock, was when you came inside one.
          Are you stupid? You see her at the mosque, and then say shes an infidel. Learn to formulate an insult then come back dick milk.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            black-balls sucker

            Many infidel whores show up at the Mosque trying to seduce us powerful Muslims…we sometimes fornicate with them but we always send them packing afterwards.

            you are a dumbass mofo and a “shit-pole” vaulter.

    • Lady Licker

      Why an AK? At least use an american gun like a M4A1.

    • Kahlid

      Well said, brother Abdullah.

      When we rule the US, we’ll send suicide bombers into the trailer parks, Walmarts and gloryholes of the white trash.

      The googles, spics and skypes will not be relieved of their useless lives so painlessly.

  • yasser hussien islam

    Im glad thoses two are whitetrash infidel whores. I wont get to see them after i marter myself at a Miley Cyrus concert!!!

  • The Guy with the EyE

    Neither there both Gashtly uggos and are Horrid people for useing FIRST there children to get famous and now there fat ugly pig like bodies..just let them fall off the fame map for gods..sorry for alahs sake

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    My goat likes the blond…..my camel the brunette…..my third wife says to buy either if they can cart a burka down to the river to clean it with stones…

  • blackbear740

    Amber she is a little fat but better than janelle

  • Kahlid


    They’re both fat, saggy whores who deserve a painful public lapidation for this outrage!

    If I wanted to see such filth, I’d go to Big Fag Pete’s family incest website.

  • Bilbao

    WOW!!!!!!!!! That Jenelle has one sweet body if she wants another kid give me a call i will do her twice and give her twins xxxxx

    And as for Amber i would do her doggy she looks like a dirty Bitch who is into Anal and swallowing nice body though xx

  • Jabbar Muhommed Kareem Ali

    My fellow Jihadists, it is very apparent that the “man” (the Jews) are trying to temp us with this deplorable white trash. Clearly, we aren’t stupid. America is so fucked up right now because this kind of filth along with the coons and spics are slowly bankrupting this country with their welfare needs. They are sucking (pun intended) the coffers dry! However, out of extreme pitty on my part, I’ll poke the little blonde one because I feel extremely sorry for her and her little boobs. Camel toes galore on these two. Literally Burn the trailer parks!

    • tr0lh8tinCUnextTues

      Standard closet homo. If you like it up the arse bruva just move to the west, we leave each to their own

  • Mitch

    I’d stone them both, with my cock!

  • Beth Brigham

    DEF JENELLE! she is so hot; amber is trash

    • abd al-rahman

      They are both infidel whores

  • Beth Brigham

    oh wait AMBER i want to stone AMBER

  • Phillip McCracken

    Amber’s face already looks like shes been stoned. many many times

  • Muslimisforcunts

    Name says it all.

  • abd al-rahman

    Agreed. Those two infidel whores deserve to die by allah’s hand
    Alluah akbar!

  • i luv drones

    All you fucking sandgoogles on here talking that ectremist shit are all faggs my uncle is in the army has been since dessert storm he killed so many of u sandgoogles i liv when he comes back from tour with his pics of all the bodies all the little kids wpmen old ppl dead in the street we look at the pics while we burn koran quran w/e i luv watching cnn and seeing all the dead in syria i luv drone warfare nuke the kaba fuk ur mecca

    • Arcachnar

      Wow. Just. Wow. Your uncle must be heroic for killing innocent little kids, women and old people. (I hope that you do have the brains to know that I was being sarcastic.) Life sentence and discharged from the army will be a good punishment for your unrighteous uncle. Moreover, you call yourselves the police of the world? Hypocrisy at its finest.

      Burning the Qur’an is just as pathetic. Have it ever occur to you that you should not blame ALL the Muslims for the things that happened in Allah’s name? Only a GROUP interprets the Qur’an as the right to kill and maim non-believers. The Islam is actually peaceful religion. Use some common sense for a change.

      Love seeing the dead in Syria is even more pathetic. Do you like it when people saying the same thing with 9/11? Of course not.

      Using drones is not heroic. It is cowardly and not for real men. Nuking would be THE dumbest decision of all times; Do you even know how severe the consequences are? Probably not. It will be a complete politically and economical suicide for the US. You certainly will lose allies and important trade partners. (Like Russia, Germany, China, SA, Qatar, England, France, Japan, etc.) Not to mention the chance of a World War (This will be the end of civilization.) and a nuclear winter.

      • jamal


        Let me guess ok?

        You are from akistan..am I right?

        • jamal


          • Arcachnar

            Okay. Why Pakistan?

            PS: What gave it away? (is this the right wording?)

          • Jamal

            First tell me yes or no

          • Arcachnar

            Uh? Yes. Why?

          • Jamal

            Figured it out didn’t I?

            And there is really no reason why I asked except for that I was trying see how capable I am at presumtions.

            Now..tell me where am I from?
            If you are half as intelligent as you say in the posts you will figure out..

            I’ll give you a hint ..

            You and me have something in common..and..I am not an american as well..

            Can you guess??

      • the west is the best


        You were given a life sentence of being a lying moron.

        • Arcachnar

          @The biggest moron of the West You really like to talk about yourself, right?

      • Right Said Fred

        Arcachnar the gay muslim lover

        You must have spent time fucking goats with them over in the middle east. You liberal fag, go give poor people your money

        • Arcachnar

          Liberal? No. Just voicing the common sense. I hope you know what that is. Muslim lover? What the…? Think before you post. Look up and you know where I come from.

  • muledoctor

    I think jenelle would go for doing porn vids just to support her love of crack. Amber may like getting dike’d up in jail. in the end thou leave it to God to decide their eternal fate on MTV to do re-runs on Teen Mom’s.

  • muledoctor

    Question before they see the sunlight blocked out by all our stones falling out of the sky, which on has ever taken it up the butthole, I’m thinking Janelle has, she’s looking like she’s a candidate for gurls gone wild

  • daddy

    either if there under 18

  • fukalluvu

    If any of you could get laid without logging off afterwards it would be a medical let alone turn Dow. One of these nasty hoes

  • fukalluvu

    Didn’t we kill the head sand google so all this taking America over and Allan. Crap can be blown out your ass

  • bc guy

    hate to break it guys that not the real jenelle trust me i seen the real one exposed and it looks alot better then the fake pic so fuck ur self u camel jockey towel head sand google love ya jennel

  • fuckit

    I think neither deserve to be stoned. I do however believe they should be very ashamed of themselves. One for going nude and allowing others to capture it and post it and bring them shame. Two, the most important thing is your children.. both chose so much more over their child and it’s ridiculous.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      fucks fags

      Nobody cares what you think infidel. In fact, your comments just got you a fatwa and now you’ll be stoned when Islam takes over.

      eat shit and die mofo

  • @fuckitsaperv

    shut up @fuckit you just got done jacking off to it. no ones fooled;

  • Truth Hurts The Stupid

    Allah was a gay man that loved men and the behinds of hogs and pigs, cleaned himself off afterwards with pages from the koran as a joke!