How Much For Heather Locklear’s Teen Daughter?

Heather Locklear daughter

I was perusing the Interwebs late last night looking for nubile teens to purchase for my harem when I stumbled upon this picture of actress of Heather Locklear with her 14-year-old daughter Ava.

Does anyone know what Heather Locklear is charging for her daughter? I don’t see a price tag anywhere on her tight teen body. If Heather is reading this, I’m prepared to offer 2 of my finest goats, a bushel of figs, and a lightly used AK-47 for the rights to Ava.

Of course this offer is only good provided Ava has been properly trained to only speak when spoken too. The last thing I need is a mouthy female making ridiculous demands like “can I have more water in my dish” and “please don’t put it in my ass”. Heather, I await your response. Allahu Akbar!

  • sympatico

    wow, I sure hope Heather will someday run out of money and be forced ot star in series like “Wanna Fuck My Daughter – Gotta Fuck Me First #1” or “Wanna Fuck My Daughter – Gotta Fuck Me First #2” or “Wanna Fuck My Daughter – Gotta Fuck Me First #3” or…

  • Max

    Nice photoshpping, where’d the extra hand come from? (look at her daughter’s waist)

    • Inspector Clouseau

      Nice work Detective Dipshit, but the daughter is holding the Heather’s hand, and it is Heather’s other hand that is around her daughter’s waist.

  • LouiseM

    Wow, Mom looks pretty proud that her girl is literally playing Lolita. She’s been watching lot of porn and Kim Kardashian videos, instead of doing her Pre-Algebra homework. Who would need Pre-Algebra when they’re going to be purchased by a really really rich guy, and supported in luxury until he croaks and you inherit all his moolah?

    And who says that we aren’t a nation of equal opportunity?

  • Anubis

    Her daughter is flaunting her sexy nubile navel and stomach to show everyone that she is of prime breeding stock and ready to join a man’s harem, endorsed by her mother. Because her aged mother is way beyond her breeding age, she in good taste no longer shows off her stomach.

    If the teen puts out without bitching, she may be worth at least two or three fine goats, and even a good cud spitting camel. Camels put out too, but give lousy bj’s..

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    If heather wants to sell her homely daughter to a powerful Muslim….she’s first going to have to spend some of that money she earned as a hollywood whore and buy that twig some plastic surgery.

  • ahhgmed

    I will add both of these harlots to my harem and penetrate both mother and daughter as they eat each other out, and finish inside both of them so that they may share the mother daughter bond of pregnancy from the same virile muslim.

  • KoldShadow

    Wow some of these comments are totally bonkers, especially that one Herp Derp troll who got fed . . . but yeah her daughter is banging and as she ages I’m sure her lithe frame will fill out rather spectacularly. L0L @ you lames thinking your smelly wangs will ever come within half a football field of her hot ivory bod . . . *hurries off to Google her and find a *FAP*-worthy pic*

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      kold turd

      only you ass bangers have smelly wangs.
      Us normal men have female slaves who keep our “Rods of Allah” springtime fresh.

  • Mr. E

    Pious Muslim men know that fourteen is much too old an age to be offering up a daughter for marriage and deflowering. Leave her for the infidels. Although I do like Sympatico’s idea for a reality television series.

  • Justice

    You have the right to think about underaged people. Nothing else. You should remove this soon.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Shut up mofo.
      Us Muslims might just remove you soon…from the Earth.

  • kay

    sexy bedroom eyes