What Is That On Taylor Swift’s Face?

Taylor Swift facial

What is this mysterious white cream coating country music star Taylor Swift’s face?

Could it be that Taylor Swift just attended one of her hick family reunions, and is leaving this white reminder of the event as motivation for her next big hit song about love and loss?

I don’t know! However, I do know that as a respected member of the media it is my job to ask these questions. As well as others like, is Taylor Swift a cum queen who enjoys hot loads dripping off of her face?

  • aghmed

    It looks like “Big Pete” spit a mouthful of his boyfriend’s semen onto her face.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Stupid fag pete just learned that cock sucking and sneezing don’t mix.

  • Huge Cock Habib

    its the same shit that on your face too durta from cockmed’s jizz

  • fuck obama limony squezzy

    its my cum XOXO

  • fuck obama limony squezzy

    its my cum XOXO.

  • Kahlid

    I am guessing it is Swift’s father’s load. He blasts her once before all of her shows for luck.

    And to remind her who owns her.

  • Juliet

    This has gone too far. Stop harassing her now. She is an angel. This is photoshopped. Go to Hell. Taylor is too sweet and innocent to do something like this. Let alone take pictures or make a video of it. Just stop.

    • Kahlid

      She is a useless harlot like every other useless harlot in the West.

      The only reason you are defending her is because you put the slant eyed Jap bukkake stas to shame with your love of the baby batter.

    • Anubis

      Did Jewliet refer to this authentic photo of the country bumpkin Taylor that it is fake, and have the audacity to say Go to Hell? Hmmm, that sounds familiar somehow. Now I know, that sounds like our little homo chink poster Hong. If Jewliet had used google ebonics like Hong, then we’d know it was Hong with yet another alias.

      Taylor is very close with her hillbilly clan, and her pa and little brother probably decided to give their little singing angel a facial. You can see the proud look upon her face, Not seeing below her neck in the photo, she may have been given a full body treatment. Her kin folk are very sweet on their little darlin’. Maybe she’ll leak that full body photo out later so that her fans like Jewliet can enjoy it better.


      Juliet, they don’t have anything else to do. so this is what durka durka and his friends does. take some Taylor Swift photos and photo shopped it. dun know why they love to do it

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        celebs fag

        Us Muslims only use actual photos and none of them have been photo-doctored.

        It is not our fault that you are jealous of taylor and her “face full of jizz”
        You had best be worrying about Sharia Court when Islam takes over.

        Death To Homoqueers

        • CELEBS FAN

          Islam will never conquer USA. while the Muslim world will be conquered by USA

    • senoir meow meow

      the fact of taylor swift is a whore has nutthin to do with the fact that big pete lives in a trailer, at least he can save enough on rent to take his cousin girlfriend to starbucks once in a month, i cant believe that hong is a woman and fuck off viper!!

    • Romeo

      Too innocent to do something like this? what? lol she dated John Mayer for god’s sake. lmao

      • Big Pete

        Romo the homo

        Your name may be Romeo, but no doubt you play Juliet in your homo relationship with your boyfriend.

        Get it in now. The Klan is looking to kill fags.


  • Juliet

    I am not Hong. I am not Jewish. That is fake. Shut up and go to Hell.

    • Big Pete

      Juliet jacks me off

      I see that you have enormos hatred for muslims, as do I. If you wish to kill many muslims, coons, wetbacks, and homos, then feel free to come down to Alabama and enjoy all that awaits my chapter of The Brotherhood.

      We are always looking for women to help us continue the aryan race.


      • aghmed

        Big Pete – I bet you were the bitch of the Aryan Brotherhood when you were in jail. They fornicated with your anus so much like they did to Ed Norton in the movie American History X but you actually liked it. Enjoy drinking your boyfriend’s semen you infidel homoqueer.

        • Big Pete


          Ha. You dumb muslims believe the jew hollywood movies. Stupid homos.

          Police would never arrest a man of the aryan race. The idiot jews in hollywood just wanted to portray us as uncivilized. Well, it didn’t work. We’re after those mofos just like we’re after you.

          Fuck you damn muslims and jews. We’re going to have you fags butt pumping one another before its all said and done.


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            big fag pete

            I see you are still touting the “ass pumping skills” of the trannyclan (formerlly known as the kkk)

            Us Muslims will soon demonstrate to you homoqueers the blasting power of the AK-47

    • Romeo

      THIS IS NOT FAKE, It’s in her latest magazine spread.

  • viper

    What are these bullshits?!?!
    In all my life I haven’t seen anything more stupid like this!
    Your just a kid….

  • viper

    By the way go fuck your self

  • Joe

    Seems like Abdullah has been jacking off to Taylor Swift photos again. Damn, man. Rough times with your boyfriend?

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      joe blow

      Be careful with the smart-ass jokes you faggy mofo.

      If you start laughing, you might just shit out your gerbil.

      eat shit and die infidel!

      • arn

        abdullah the cock licker why are you guys always after this woman..just go and fuck some camel or a goat and be happy because that’s all you ever going to get

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          anus raider arn

          Us Muslims ran your mother out of Iraq for fucking camels and goats. So, if you want to give advice on beastiality, try a little closer to home.

          • jack meoff

            that’s how all the muslim bitches look when they leave my house–they tell me their men like to lick it off

  • supreme court justice sharia

    infidel jizz? i must know

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    It da cum from da jew producer she sucked off for her next record deal.

  • mark

    this is a poster

  • hugecock habibsays

    i would lick it all off her face–praise allah

  • hugecock habibsays

    i am not ashamed to admit i am a gay muslim

  • Filthy Slopes

    Wipe out those gook slope slit eyed bastards…..
    Then you see the world will be a better cleaner better looking place :)

    • Jess

      Lol I agreee Asian orientals are uglllllllly !
      The dirty terrorist shits..
      Never give a gook a gun Virginia tech….

  • What?

    What do you get when you cross a chink with a dog?
    Nothing (they are the same thing) you are what you eat or in a chinks case munch>>>
    I always knew chinks were bitches…

    • Carole

      LOL Dog munching dinks…

  • dickspitz

    Where are the Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato facial photos? Those 2 filthy, half- beaner, putas must have hundreds by now.

  • Hamilton

    I would cum on this girl’s face all day long.


    it is photoshop