What Celebrity Pussies Taste Like

After many hours of grueling research in our lab we have determined what the following celebrity pussies taste like. If you make any discoveries of your own please feel free to include them in the comment section.

sigourney weaver Sigourney Weaver’s pussy tastes like coins.
lindsay lohan Lindsay Lohan’s pussy tastes like cigarettes and toast.
paris hilton Paris Hilton’s pussy tastes like the inside of a catcher’s mitt.
sarah jessica parker Sarah Jessica Parker’s pussy tastes like a hard-boiled egg.
miley cyrus Miley Cyrus’s pussy tastes like 5 to 10 in the state pen… and fresh strawberries.
rosie odonnell Rosie O’Donnell’s pussy tastes like a bulldog’s asshole.
reese witherspoon Reese Witherspoon’s pussy tastes like Christmas morning.
elizabeth taylor Elizabeth Taylor’s pussy tastes like sawdust and gorgonzola.
britney spears Britney Spears’s pussy tastes like placenta.
jessica alba Jessica Alba’s pussy tastes like sunflower seeds and disappointment.
angelina jolie Angelina Jolie’s pussy tastes like her brother.
jennifer love hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pussy tastes like apricots and sunshine.
jessica simpson Jessica Simpson’s pussy tastes like tuna… or is that chicken?
scarlett johansson Scarlett Johansson’s pussy tastes like applesauce and feet.
madonna Madonna’s pussy tastes like sulfur dioxide.
natalie portman Natalie Portman’s pussy tastes like humus and matza.
jodie foster Jodie Foster’s pussy tastes like 2 bears fucking in the woods.
  • nate

    My girlfriend’s pussy tastes like a 9-volt battery

    • Dannomatic

      Dude! IF your galpal’s pussy taste like a 9 v battery, were you chewing on her dildo while eating her out?

      • Oloko nla

        U nigga b sain ur gf z pussy tastez lyk a 9 volt battery….bet d bitch givez u a shocker of ur life anytime U wanna eat dat her rotten pussy!!!!!! U fool!!!!!

      • Hypnos04

        he meant the computer ._.

    • zach

      my girlfrien pussy tastes like heaven

  • Your moms pussy tastes like fish tank water and mildew.

  • Oprah Winfrey’s tastes like Soul Glo, while Betty White’s tastes like drywall

    • Saggynadz

      Tara Reids pussy taste like mop n glo and vodka

  • Hermaphrodite

    My pussy tastes like my dick.

    • jack

      u aint got a dick u got a mangina bitch

  • JayRadical09

    Sharon Stone’s pussy tastes like balls after a 1-mile summer jog

  • Gk. Ostipiak

    Amy Winehouse’s pussy taste like rotten possum dick……

  • Pusstink

    Mariah Carey’s pussy tastes like horse dick and Nick Cannon

  • Heywood Jabloemy

    Kate Beckinsale’s pussy tastes like vanilla frosting, pixie dust, and sweet whiskey!

    Kristin Bell’s pussy tastes like hand cream and plants (cause she’s a germ-a-phobe and veggie).

    Ali Larter’s Pussy tastes like whipped creme and tanning lotion

    Ellen DeGeneres pussy tastes like tears, wet animal dander, desperation for effeminent Emo males.

    Sharon Stone’s pussy tastes like Chinese Karma and dried blood (cause the last guy who was there probably slit his throat while doing it)

    Mandy Moore’s pussy tastes like gumdrops, body oil, and raindows

    • xray

      pussy taste like vanila,straberry ect.so how ass taste

  • JewStinkPuss88

    Nicole Kidman’s pussy tastes like her Tom Cruise’s ass, old records, and some boogers from my ass.

  • CumDownMyAss4653

    Mick Jagger’s pussy smells like Keith Richards, a cotton ball drenched in gasoline, and grapefruits from my Grandmother’s basement.

  • Justin Drake/Stinny

    My pussy tastes like my girlfriend’s cock and dead bugs.

  • steve

    what is pussy

    • Dannomatic

      Steve… if you don’t know what pussy is… think of that thing that you were fantasizing about and lies between your mother’s legs.

  • B Fresh

    Nate? Local H Nate?

  • Ze Tester

    Julianne Moore’s pussy tastes like paint thinner

    Uma Thurman’s pussy tastes like clove cigarettes and vodka

    Delta Burke’s pussy tastes like country fried steak and collard greens

    Courtney Love’s pussy tastes like gunpowder, gin, and syphilis

    Vanna White’s pussy tastes like coconut oil, mothballs, and Fiber One cereal

  • newportcigs and suzie home-maker

    my boyfriends pussy tastes like his best friends dick

  • JohnnyWave and the Piranhas

    I like to eat pussy, but after fucking Amanda Bynes one night, I don’t think I will ever venture my tongue south again…her pussy tasted like ketchup, blood, old sweat, dog shit, and lead.

    • reallythough

      Really, you know what dog shit tastes like? Lmao

  • Handsome Al

    The thought of Rosie O’Donnell’s pussy made me throw up a little in my mouth which coincidentally tastes a lot like Drew Barrymore’s pussy.

  • BryanOldhamLovesCock

    My brother’s pussy tastes like wheelchair parts, old photographs, bat dick, and Hayleaf Musial…

  • FuckStone Lavarex

    My beat-up, thrashed pussy tastes like tires, strawberries, old yearbooks, cow utters, semen, Stevie Wonder’s diapers, cock juice, lemons, shoes, dirty underwear, sweaty bras, and breast milk.

  • Justin Drake

    Justin Drake from Hammond sucks his brother’s dick…

  • old batteries? cow udders? mothballs? geez people…lol

  • chris

    Anne Coultier’s pussy tastes like old election punch cards, secret deodorant, and shame.

    • me

      Nobody knows how Anne Coulter’s pussy tastes. Nobody is that horny.

  • john

    Juliette Lewis’ pussy tastes like a used microphone and Glycyrrhiza glabra (black licorice).

    • Saggynadz

      Juliette Lewis’ pussy tatste like Al Gore and shoe polish

  • JoshuaRobertEatsAsshole

    My pussy tastes like my brother farted on it.

    • Andrew34544

      Your fuckin sick shut the fuck up

  • Whore Bomb

    Hillary Clinton’s pussy tastes like Bill Clinton’s semen, New York sewage, sweat, and tears from losing to black guy. WHAT NOW BITCH!!!!

  • Johnny Wave’s #1 Fan

    My vag tastes like hair gel, film strips, dusty old records, cheap booze, marijuana residue, my brother’s hair in his asshole, my dad’s ball sweat, and my mom’s pink cotton panties.

  • Justin the fisherman

    My old lady’s pussy feels almost as good as the fish I catch then fuck in their gills.

  • Hayleafa Sharifa Monicka Latika Jackson

    My lady parts taste like my boyfriend farted into my mouth, then I burped it back into his ass, then he puked it into my mouth, then I swallowed the farty-burpy vomit, then shit it back into my boyfriend’s mouth, where he poured it from his mouth into my vagina while I was pissing when I was on my rag.

    • Schwaaa


      -.- *blink*
      ………… disgusting.

    • Oreoaddie

      Wow. That’s….really…. detailed.

    • Pussyeatereverydaybitches

      Dude that’s fuckin gross

    • sir pee

      fuck dat sucks

      • Arcachnar

        …And…It is major gross.

  • Mrs. Stinky

    Sometimes I spread my legs open and my boyfriend puts his ass between my thighs and on my pussy. Then I stretch my pussy hole as wide as I can and he farts in it. The vibration from his fart makes me have an orgasm and my pussy juices drip all over his asshole. After that, my bf eats me out. That’s what my pussy tastes like.

    • What’s up?

      Why don’t you let me eat you out?i could give you a bigger orgasm with my dick and not a fart.

  • flowerpot

    Martha Stewart’s pussy taste like a flower pot: Let me explain the flowerpot. I shit in her vagina, fill it up, and then plant my seed. So there, Martha’s pussy taste like a flower pot…and that’s a good thing.

  • Justin Allen

    My cunt (and by “cunt,” I mean asshole) tastes like me jacking off in my mother’s panties to Johnny Wave.

  • StInAcIoUs D

    Angelina Jolie’s pussy tastes like impovershed African orphans, her brother, placenta juice, collagen, AIDS, Bill Bob Thorton residue, and Brad Pitt’s man juices.

  • ThE RaDiCaL AsS rEemER

    My aunt Bridget’s pussy tastes like a bomb that just went off and claimed the lives of all the animals in the house, old floppy computer discs, my Dad’s boyfriend, three bears fucking in the woods, Justin Allen Drake, and the door stop in my bathroom that looks like a giant cock with a curly pubic hair.

  • Tim Allen

    Tool Times pussy taste like Al, Wilson, and two of the three Taylor children (Oh, I love J.T.T.’s cock in my mouth).
    p.s. I wish I had a time machine that could bring me back to the good ole days, like 1994.
    p.s.s. I wish I had a time machine that was a gnarly car, like the one I had in my garage on the show…you know, the one me and the kids were building.
    p.s.s.s. If I find the gun that my wife hid on me, I am going to fucking kill myself, and then all the cats.

  • Tim Allen’s Wife (I’m not a whore fellas, but maybe I should be).

    So I told Tim where the gun was, and part of his brains are in my cunt. Hence forthwith therefore where art thou, my cunt tastes like Tim Allen’s brains.

  • James Robert Drake from HMD

    I am going to kill my children with my wife’s pussy. The ole lady used to tell the chilluns that “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.” So after I warsh my hands and wartch Tim Allen (my idol and inspiration for my hair for the past thirty years), I am going to rip out my wife’s vag, and beat those two shit rats to death (my sons, Joshua and Justin–also known as Stin, Stinny, or Stinalicious–respectively).

    • Oreoaddie

      Awww. Family love.

  • penis

  • Tneck Titan19

    Halle Berry’s pussy tastes like soot and poo

  • Justin Allen

    One time, I went noodling for catfish and used my dick instead of my arm. Unfortunately for all the 13-year-old virgin seventh-grade girls out there, I know longer have the right equipment necessary to deflower them.

  • Justin Allen


    • Dannomatic

      Dickless redhead pervert = A welsh guy longing for his neighbour’s barnyard animals.

  • Marley

    Chuck Norris’ Pussy Taste Like Revenge

  • BrainCellFetish

    Katie Couric’s pussy tastes like Walter Cronkite.

  • Billy Mays

    Billy Mays here! You probably know me better as that annoying fat fuck who sells home and gardening products on TV. My wife’s pussy tastes like the Orange Glo and Oxy Clean cleaning products I sell on TV. However, she left me a few weeks ago and took our three kids with her. She said she was tired of being married to a man whose only worth in the world is selling shitty products in TV commercials and late-night informercials. She doesn’t even use the damn products I sell! My own mother won’t even buy them. Anyway, even my kids tell me that having me for a father is an embarrassment. My wife comforted them by telling each one that I was not their real father. I began screaming and crying hysterically, to which my wife told me to shut the fuck up, that my voice is even annoying when I cry tears of Oxy Clean. She does have a point- I can’t even go out in public without random strangers asking me if I’m “that annoying asshole selling shitty products in those stupid fucking commercials.” Random strangers sometimes don’t even bother asking me if I am him- instead, they just call me a jagoff. This lead to me drinking every night and eventually landed me in AA meetings after two DUIs. I can’t even fucking go to AA without people telling me how much I fucking suck. Now, I’m back living in my mother’s basement crying myself to sleep each night as my wife moves back into our old house with the children I thought I fathered. They are with their real daddies, who are all either a millionaire doctor, lawyer, or dentist. Those rat bastards didn’t even look like me. Why didn’t I see it before?! I should have known my wife was a whore all these years. After all, the only reason we ever got married in the first place was due to one drunken night in Vegas years ago. After all this, I decided I’m going to kill myself. First, I’m going to drink Orange Glo and Oxy Clean. If that doesn’t do the trick, then I’m going to slit my throat with the Awesome Auger. No one will give a fuck though.

  • Justin Allen

    Oh my God! I’m still in shock. (I feel just like one of the giddy 13-year old teenybopper girls I’m infatuated with after they just saw that fag from Fall Out Boy on TV.) None of you guys are going to believe this! Brace yourselves! Okay, here goes. I met JOHNNY WAVE last night! It was so awesome I thought I shit my pants. (As it turns out, I actually found a few turds in my tighty whities this morning.) Johnny Wave gave me his autograph, after I paid him $375.84 for it, then turned his head towards me and looked at me for almost an entire second! It was the most meaningful second I’ve ever experienced in all of my life. I knew from the moment I saw a glimpse of redheaded, freckled face in his jet-black shining sunglasses that Johnny and I were meant to be. He didn’t say anything, but he didn’t need to. We communicated on a level so abstract, but only understood by just he and I, that other humans are not even capable of fathoming it. Before our rednezvous ended, I offered my services as a penis-challenged pornographic model to Johnny for an upcoming project of his. After that, he punched me in the face! He actually touched me! I was so in shock from being touched by Johnny Wave himself that I fainted- or perhaps it was from the loss of blood and head injuries. I woke up this morning with a concussion in a hospital bed, then jacked off for many hours to my thoughts and memories with my one and only.

  • Pearl

    But I know, my girl friend taste like sweet and tasty and to be eaten again and again.

    • Fuckedyourgirl2667

      Oh I know I boned her yesterday and the day before yesterday and that time it was with her mom

  • Ze Tester

    Rosario Dawson’s pussy tastes like a Blue Margarita
    Sarah Michelle Gellar’s pussy tastes like garlic and Freddy Prinz Jr’s. strap-on
    Jessice Biel’s pussy tastes like silk and honey
    Star Jones pussy tastes like a month old fryer vat at KFC and potted meat
    Bridgette Nielsen’s pussy tastes like a boxing glove, vodka, and whatever the fuck Flava Flav left in there… Is that a chicken bone?
    Celine Dion’s pussy tastes like poker chips and Geritol

  • Mohammad K Chams

    All I can do is laugh and add this page to my faves…

  • Danno

    Ann Coulter’s pussy smells like a Texas Trailer…and tastes like cobwebs.

  • Import_Killer_97

    I would like to know what nicole graves pussy tastes like but I could imagine it tastes lik pure heaven

  • Dt

    J lo’s pussy tastes like honey. I actualy fucked her at d back of my car last week. Fucking bitch.

    • Yourgay2245

      Hey me too but it was with your mom too,she sucked my dick while I fingered j lo,and your mom and j lo both said my dick was a million times bigger than yours….bitch ass faggot