Video: Top 10 Naked Celebs Of All Time

Top 10 naked celebs

With a complete disregard for Islam and the holy Muslim holiday of September 11th, Zionists in Hollywood have released a video featuring the top 10 naked celebrity movie actresses of all time.

Clearly this is a blatant attack on Islam. By promoting disgusting nude celebrities in a video just days before we celebrate our victory over the Great Satan on 9/11 is insensitive and offensive.

As a proud Muslim I demand retribution for this heinous act that has been perpetrated against my people. I will not be satisfied until these nude scenes are destroyed, and the actresses who participated in them are brought to justice in Sharia court. Unless my demands are met in the next 48 hours, a fatwa will be issued! Allahu Akbar!

  • Fishman

    Ah yes, I expect a holy post celebrating the wonderful 9/11 next week, Durka.

    • louis

      u fuckin dicked my family died int hat

  • Talib Sulayman

    This one tops my Labor Day weekend celebration.
    Nude White Women and and a token black bitch on the list – what a cliche. America always have the need to be politically right.

    • sympatico

      sadly there were two…

  • ahhgmed

    Until they show Hollywood starletts truly wish fornicate, by taking semen shots to the face by 20 virile Muslims, then my hands shall not venture into my trousers.



    • Doug in Canada

      Dirty shitskin.




  • islam can suck my dick

    and you idiots wonder why people hate you?

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      dick sucker

      Us Muslims don’t care about the feelings of subhuman infidels.
      We love shooting you assholes and watching your eye balls pop out when you finally see Allah for the first time.
      And for your information….us Muslims hate you mofos a hell of a lot more than you could ever hate us.
      Muslims have “super hate” ….that is why we can fight for centuries and not get tired of it.

      Prepare to be taken over by Islam….mofo


      • ggggggggggggggggggg

        You tell your dick sucking muslim friends to fuck off!!

        • ban aviz

          you fucking asshole terrorist, don’t claim urself to b a muslim as u r polluting the religion… think of the innocent muslim children and women, nd on their sake DON’T USE THE TERM ISLAM BEFORE COMMITTING ALL DOZ NONSENSE STUFFS…


      • scooter

        Sure, that’s why all the Iranian pussies surrendered in after one day of fighting, you are all the true infidels.

  • jesse st-germain

    holy crap….muslim really IS crazy.

  • Alex Freud

    Islam = the biggest troll on religion since scientology, you idiots think that driving 3 planes into a building is a sign of “allah guiding you” when really, its just a fail you believe while you shove your dicks into other mens assholes. Btw, if you kill yourself in a suicide bomb, the only 72 virgins you’ll get are 72 fat old men just like you, virgins who thought they would get young women.
    HAPPY 9/11 faggots.

    And P.S. We’re sorry that your gay asses are offended by sexy nude women, may you have fun sodomizing yourself with a dead cow head

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      anal fag

      You’ve been a homoqueer way too long to have normal thoughts about anything.

      Islam is the true path to Allah and you infidel mofos will find that out when satan is cramming a scud missile up your ass.

    • MegaHABIBI27

      You dumb fuck Islam came before Scientology and there is no such thing as 72 virgins its something you fucking Americans made up and blame bush watch the movie zeitgeist and understand what there saying and you don’t like then your an impatient fucking retarded bitch

  • Anonymous

    Still gonna fap to this

    • Putri

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  • nouse4aname

    lol on the crazy muslim comments, totally made my day… those idiots could not be more stupid. Though I’m glad I’m not American cuz they’re not all that intelligent either.

    • MegaHABIBI27

      I agree I’ll say 5% are smart

  • tom jones

    islam is the true path
    all u racist people will regret it coz ur all stupid retards
    u will regret this

    • ggggggggggggggggggg

      You have a religion, yet you call us retards

    • fuck you islam

      Hindu is the purest of all… We believe in sacrifice, not in taking lives……

      • MegaHABIBI27

        Sacrifice is a sin you dumb bitch

  • ‘merica

    you camel jockeys are living proof that nigs fuck buffalo!

  • Rob

    Disgusting sand googles! You call a holy war then hide in your caves

    • MegaHABIBI27

      Shut the fuck up the houses in the Muslim nation is alot better than the houses in fcking America all wood and shit.

  • Bill

    At least your birthday isn’t on 9/11

  • raj


  • kskasnax

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  • Anonymous

    You said “…victory over the Great Satan…” you are calling whoever you believe satan to be “Great”? I’d say that’s blastphoemy against your religion right there.

  • Anonymous

    Yes my brothers we must band together and suck eachothers dicks to show the hollywood zionists how much we really hate those clearly beautiful women! All praise be to Allah

  • Anonymous

    I see nothing wrong with angelina jolie topless. And if you do than fuck you faggot. Also i’d rather see her topless than completely covered by a veil and burka

    • Muhammad

      Gawd, did you guys NAWT here: Bold patterns are IN! Is that scarf not bold? GawdAre you guys sdpiers?Because you seem to be living under a rock.Haha, joking, joking, I am not that mean, I just felt like making one of those Massie Come Back things . Sorry if I hurt your feelings a little

  • All terrrorist are mother fuck

    you muslims are killing human being and telling the path of allah you idiot allah has given us such path did you read the khuran every day you bastards don’t know the meaning of khuda and doing every bad thing in the name of god. In taliban, Afganistan, Iraq and pakistan every day you people kill each other by throwing bombs, you even don’t care about your community. Muslims are really a bad community, every where now you people are called terrorist even a good muslim also not leave his life peacefully because of such a bad religion you have. He also say to god why you make me muslim the second name of terrorism, killing innocent people. You all will go to hell you bastards you killed so many mothers, just think if I rape your mother how you will feel.

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  • Mido

    Not staged, it was a re-enactment of snmitheog that really did happen. They figured it was so funny they needed to recreate it. They did a good job, but yes it would be cool if the first time it actually happened they had been recording their match. But just as good, same difference.

  • salar


  • salar



    I am American and from what I can tell, I’m much more well spoken and educated than you idiots that are talking out of your asses attempting insult my intelligence!! Lmao! If you guys think we, as a country, are afraid of you, or live in fear of the next plot of a bunch of towel wearing camel-jockey cowards, then my friends you are VERY, VERY sadly mistaken! In fact, we seldom even think about your third worldish backward, child marrying women abusing and hillarious excuse of a shit stain on the map! And when we do it is normally in reference to a Muslim joke! We don’t care about your opinions any more than you do ours.. And as for your “super-hate” as you called it, we’ve got one even better than that!! ;-) its called a super-arsenal loaded with all kinds of super-bombs perfectly fitted to turn your entire continent into a barren, radioactive wasteland! Did you seriously think that, even for a second, we would allow you to just walk(or fly) in here and take innocent lives for whatever disgusting ideals some opiant abusing moron supposedly got from your “Mohammed” and just turn the other cheek? Or that there would be no repercussions or consequences for attacking the worlds superpower?!?!? Then you call us heathens and barbarians for persuing our sucker punching assailant! People like you are a sad pathetic excuse for human beings, and as far as your God “Allah” goes, if he, or she whatever the case may be, condones the actions taken by people with similar warped viewpoints such as yourself, then he can suck my white American testicles and I’m glad to have Jehovah on my side.. I’m done with you all! But please remember, for everyone of us you kill, we take 18 of yours! You don’t have to get tired of fighting there sweetheart, keep fucking with US and your people and uour family will be extinct!

    • MegaHABIBI27

      Fuck you you don’t even know what the fuck you talking u dumb bitch. America will be the radioactive wasteland you fuck face and it will not the be from the Muslim race it will be from every other country you fuck don’t forget Russia we are still in the cold war jackass

  • 1usnavyseals1

    Damn, no hate mail yet? Probably too busy conjuring some witty retort.

  • Rich

    This a blessing for my holy eyes. Beautiful women are to be honored ya spaced out critics

  • Jim

    Marica termi, im going to rent that movie know

  • muslim hater

    Fuck your fake god allah and fuck muslims

    • MegaHABIBI27

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  • muslim hater

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  • Russell Healey

    Hurt I understand but the hate has to stop.

  • Russell Healey

    Hurt I understand but the hate has to stop.

  • Omg wollah

    Omg wollah

  • brian

    If you deny Jesus as the only begotten Son of God (which all Muslims do) YOU shall burn in Hell for ETERNITY!