Video: Taylor Swift Drunk On Stage

Taylor Swift drunk

We have just received exclusive video of what appears to be Taylor Swift drunk on stage at one of her concerts.

I’ve never been around drunk girls myself, but according to the TV shows I’ve seen, drunk girls act exactly like Taylor Swift in the video below. They run around in short dresses screaming and singing horribly, then they fall down.

After the drunk girl falls down she usually draws the attention of a frat guy who pretends to be a nice guy by helping her up, but then he later forces himself on her. I don’t know if that happened to Taylor Swift because the video cuts off, but I think it is safe to assume that it probably did!

Taylor Swift needs to face her addiction to alcohol, because stumbling around on stage like this is unacceptable. She should channel her addictive impulses to praying to Allah. Taking a shot of Islam and cracking open an ice cold Qur’an is much better for you than alcohol (however it should also be avoided if pregnant).

Here is the video of Taylor Swift drunk on stage.

  • Marina

    You have seriously got to be kidding.

  • TaylorSwiftfan

    I SO agree with Marina. Just cause she fell? Wow….just, wow…

  • Amanda

    omg, she wasent drunk. she just fell..cant people just fall without being drunk?! And she NEVER drank once in her life.

  • David

    You are truly warped. Isn’t this the same site that tried to make her into a Nazi? Get a life.

  • bubba

    if anyone is drunk here it is either you or the person holding the camera!

    • en

      soooo true bubba but still don’t need to be mean to the site just cus they said something wrong. Rember they are just trying to spice things up so that more people will go on there page and site

  • Jennifer

    are you blind or something she is SOOO! not drunk just cause she fell! i do that every day pretty much and i’m only 12! does that mean i’m drunk?!?! get a freakin life! just cause she’s way more perfect than u, don’t hate!

  • Mailey

    That wasn’t even her screaming….it was the holder of the camera!

  • Faye

    I swear some people need to get a life. She is NOT drunk! She slipped you idiot! Just because you do not have a life does not mean you have to lie about someone else’s. Also she does not sing horrible get your ears checked!

  • Piper

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. People fall. Doesn’t mean she’s drunk. GET OVER IT.

  • whatever L

    LOL!!!! GET A LIFE U FAG!!! falling means drunk? alright, if i see u fall, im gonna say ur drunk and ate drugs then ill smash u in the face till ur face is all red and call cops and say THIS GUY IS DRUNK AND TOOK DRUGS CUZ HE FALL!!!!!!!! take that u bitch!!!!!!!

    • tebbie

      Don’t have to be so mean

  • moe

    I love all the people that believe the articles here. lulz

  • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

    That drunk whore. I bet she spreads them after the show to the nearest fan, regardless of age, gender, or even race.

  • Alison

    Wow, I guess falling down when you are a performer makes you an alcoholic now? People fall all the time. Get over it.

  • poophead

    lick my tw@

  • Kiko

    Look I’m a huge swift fan, but obviously this site and article is just purely meant for funsies. Just read some of the other headlines and stories, it’s too obvious. No need to bash this guy, it’s pure satire.

    • Horrorfan13666

      Yeah, I’m with you there Kiko. I’m a pretty diehard Taylor fan myself, but I can appreciate the humour of something like this that may be directed at Taylor (especially since a piece that targets Taylor sarcastically implies that the writer is actually in her favour). This particular one is stupid, in my opinion – especially since I’ve seen this video already, and caught on instantly when the preamble said “then they fall down” – but there have been some pretty clever ones, such as one post that noted the number 13 that she puts on her hand, and speculates that she must have joined the violent El Salvador gang MS-13 , which stipulates that you must put a 13 tatoo on your body somewhere. Some of these people who don’t understand the satirical quality of these posts just amaze me… I genuinely think that an internet connection is just too much for some people to handle… (sorry this was so long, just had to reply and give you props) Cheers :)

  • Sampson

    Man, she is completely trashed. She probably chugged 4 or 5 beers right before going on stage.

  • footballisus

    I dought it give the grl a break she”s just a youngin!

  • kate


    • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

      Yes. After tapping the keg, followed only by singing stupidly and wearing whorish clothes.

  • Jessy

    shes so not drunk like wtf . She slipped

    • Jessy

      shes not drunk she just fell down

  • wtf

    first of all taylor doesn’t drink, she says she’s seen all the drama it caused in high school and wondered why anyone would want to do that…
    second of all, people fall on stage all the time, it doesn’t mean you’re drunk.
    this video proves NOTHING.
    i saw taylor this year and she was amazing; keep it up girl :)

  • Really?

    Honestly anyone who is getting mad about this needs to stop, it’s a joke and honestly anyone who even uses a “swear” word in their posts you can tell is immature. Anyone who has a brain should know the guy is just trying to get views on his site, he doesn’t actually believe that she was drunk.

  • Dan

    Man that girl is drunk. I can almost smell the alcohol from here. She needs help! She’s probably all hopped-up on goof-balls and cocaine too. I feel so bad for these child-stars, they always end up as saggy, drug-addicted, kleptomaniacs. You can see she didn’t shave her armpit hair too. What a shame

  • ilikesucking

    ….wooow..u were moving the camera to much to even tell what sh ewas doing…just cuz she fell doesnt mean shes drunk..shes supposed to be innergetic

  • Drunk, Nazi BITCH.