Video of Jessica Alba Getting Her Ass Spanked

Jessica Alba spank

We mentioned last week that Jessica Alba gets her bare ass spanked in a scene in her new movie “The Killer Inside Me”.

Well we have now received the video of this glorious scene. I don’t know what is more gratifying, finally seeing Jessica Alba’s ass, or the fact that someone is beating her. I must admit that I do appreciate the direction Jessica’s career is taking, and I’ve got a wonderful part for her in my new movie. Of course there is a scene were she’ll have to take a cattle prod to the tits, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Here is the video of the Jessica Alba spank scene from “The Killer Inside Me”.

  • Dead Ed™

    I’m sick of Microsoft asking us “Where do you want to go today?”
    Let’s all e-mail them “Jessica Alba’s Bedroom”
    And call the ASPCA, I’ll spank her ass AND my monkey.

    • Dead Ed™

      Better yet, her ASS will spank my monkey.
      Until it vomits all over her ass.

  • law

    i’ll dip.

  • dickspitz

    “The Killer Inside My Asshole” that’s the movie i’d direct you in you luscious fucking anal slut!

  • maz

    its a body doublee nd all u men r disgusting. ur tht ppathetic u gta perve on women u dnt knw cuz ur too lame to be ale to get girlfriends. grow up!

  • jason

    it is not her ass go to mister skin body double not bad tho

  • barry

    love belting to bad dint show more when he was beltting her ass

  • Jamal Zougam

    i would like to be the killer inside her