Video: Katy Perry & Rihanna Finger Each Other

Katy Perry Rihanna finger

Pop stars and promiscuous guttersnipes Katy Perry and Rihanna were caught on camera rubbing and fingering each others’ stinky lady holes in the video above.

Both Rihanna and Katy Perry are proud “bisexuals” which means that their bodies are infested with demon Shaitans that have overstimulated their clits causing them to screw anything with a pulse.

Of course the only cure for this lesboqueer Shaitan infestation is for Katy and Rihanna to convert to Islam, and receive an exorcism of the clitorial hood by a skilled Imam with a freshly sharpened saif.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    With those two I would “buy-sexual”…….but not pay more than three goats……

    • Jenny

      Oh oh. Do me next.

      • Jenny

        Diddle diddle put me in the middle. Hey that rhymes.

  • Jamal

    Oh my allah!

    Rihanna is a dude now?

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Jackass Jamal

      This is butt pirate Butcher in drag trying to get close to a powerful klanswoman, or probably her body guards so he can try to suck cock and get ass banged.

      I can report that his attempt was unsuccessful and he had to settle for a big black man named Magic Johnson……..and like all negros he probably has AIDS.


      • Jamal

        Grand transvestite pete..

        Even the KKK members can confirm that…that shemale bears a startling resemblance to YOU..and not brother abdullah…and brother abdullah is not even black

        That shemale has “Pete” written all over her!

        Look very closely at her face and especially google lips..they will remind you of a thing called “reflection” that you see in the mirror everyday..

        (Muhammad’s Muslim Martyrs)

  • The Guy with the EyE


  • Truth

    Katy is Ri’s bitch

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    I’m jealous.

  • Jaime

    Alissa DiCarlo you’re a disgusting bitch.

  • The Real Prophet

    Feel the Wrath of my Divine Dong.

    • Rasool


      You definitely have the best avatar

      • The Real Prophet

        That’s what She said.

        • American Citizen

          LMAO nice one

  • the zionist

    Rihana is a fucking UUUUgly bitch!!!…she looks nasty.

  • Mr. Nutts house of Jihad

    Those girls came into my store earlier today looking for “toys”. I promptly kicked one of them out and showed the other my biggest rocket. I only sell weapons here. By the way, I need to call Ahmadinejad. He is working on something big!

    • American Citizen

      FUCKIN SHIT A REAL TERRORIST FINALLY so nice knife where u get it?

  • The west is the Best

    What’s wrong with that white whore sticking her finger into smelly google pussy thats why black guys go for all the other races pussies cause thy know the black womens pussy smells foul.

    • Arcachnar

      Black lesbians likes white girls, Black men goes for all kinds of women, right?

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    rihanna is a filthy lesboqueer orangutang and katy is just a low-life whore.

    • Kahlid

      What the hell was that abid doing off it’s leash and touching a human being?

      Whoever was supposed to be watching that pavement ape needs a severe beating for letting loose, play in someones makeup and queer it up with that poor old woman she’s sitting next to.

    • American Citizen

      but guess what katy’s more famous then your ass will ever be & really low life? your a friken low life for baggin on celebs bitch you are just sayin shit that ain’t true so who’s the real low life again????? o ya YOU BITCH


    wat is wrong wit our celebs….is dis d picture they re supposed 2 be painting 4 us their fans?


    wat is wrong wit our celebs….is dis d picture they re supposed 2 be painting 4 us their [email protected] only katy perry nd rihanna

  • The Messenger

    No. Stop this barbaric talk my children and devote yourself to God.

  • Umar the Brown

    It is obvious that Rihanna needs something more to stimulate her, like a jackhammer or a grenade. I would be happy to provide either. That Perry girl is desperate for attention and she will get it when Islam takes over. She’ll be broadcast live on the one channel we allow to broadcast. She’ll be the one night only star of that great new show: “American’s Got Whores Stoned to Death on Live TV.”

  • The Messenger

    It is wrong to spread this hatred.

  • Calvin

    Rihanna is too forceful with her fingers.

  • riponn

    i want to see naket video.

  • Clare

    I am in love with Rihanna I wish she was my girlfriend I have had lesbian dreams about heir