Video: Justin Bieber Cancels Concert In Mexico, 20 Dead

Justin Bieber Mexico

Pop star Justin Bieber announced that he would be canceling the Mexican leg of his world tour due to safety concerns.

Mexico has been ravaged by violence in the past year, as cartels battle for control of the drug trade. The discovery of mass graves has become something of a daily occurrence as authorities estimate that hundreds have died in the past few months.

When news that Justin Bieber had canceled his concerts in Mexico reached his fans hysteria ensued, and a local news crew was there to capture the chaos as you can see in the video below.

Sadly the reporter on the scene was murdered by the Justin Bieber fans just moments after this video was completed. His death set off a wave of violence that has left 20 dead and dozens wounded. No word yet from Justin Bieber on how he feels about being the catalyst for such an orgy of death and destruction.

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