Video: Jim Carrey Creeps Out Emma Stone

Jim Carrey Emma Stone

In perhaps the funniest move of his career, Jim Carrey recorded a creepy video message for actress Emma Stone telling her how he wants to f*ck her and have fat redhead children with her.

Truly this video is Jim Carrey at his best, staring creepily into an uncomfortably close camera while taking about having sex with a stranger who is 27 years his junior. But don’t take my word for it, see the comedic genius for yourself in the video below.

One can only hope that this is only the beginning of the creepy videos Jim Carrey will be making for Emma Stone. For his next one it would be great if Jim filmed himself slowly masturbating while wearing a red wig and applying thick red lipstick. He could talk about how sexy Emma Stone makes him feel, before shooting a load unto a “Zombieland” movie poster. That would be hilarious!

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    • Exactly what part of “funniest move of his career”, “Jim Carrey at his best”, and “comedic genius” make you think that I don’t get that this is a joke?

    • theheadchimp

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      I see the joke was on you asshole, but at least half your screen name is correct.