Video Compilation Of Emily Blunt’s Topless Scenes

Above is a compilation video of all of actress Emily Blunt’s topless scenes.

You may recognize Emily Blunt and her tits from such films as “Looper” and “The Devil Wears Prada”. However, Emily’s best work is still ahead of her when she finally renounces her blasphemous career in heathen Hollywood, and pursues a more noble way of life in the harem of a powerful Muslim.

Yes it is clear from this topless video compilation that Emily Blunt and her breasts were meant to serve at the heel of a virile Muslim. Truly a great honor that Emily would be wise to quickly seize upon less her titties begin to sag, and her worth diminish to that of cannon fodder for the Jihad.

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    • Imam Khalid

      That must be why I, like many others here, have never even heard of this harlot.

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